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Update dev-dotnet/heather/heather-9999.ebuild
Update dev-lang/fsharp/fsharp-9999.ebuild mono 3.0.4 F# fix for 3.0.4 is not stable yet and will be on another (newer) tag portage is making mess with #nowarn newer fsharp tag (3.0.26) with fix for 3.0.4 mono change Heather install path Fake path change & add stable version change nuget path nuget_core package correction NUnit is build-in with mono websharper path change nuport path change fchess path ++ monodevelop 4.0 live libgdiplus ebuild monodoc 9999 mono-debugger mono-tools xsp patch deleted: files/aclocal-fix2.patch mono 9999 to use 9999 libgdiplus modified: dev-lang/mono/mono-9999.ebuild Create readme.md mono 3.0.3 -> stabe; monodevelop-9999 md 9999 correction mono 3.0.5 nuport: copy stuff local use versionator eclass to compare FRAMEWORK versions ident fix lesser mono ebuild correction mono 3.0.6 mono-9999-r1 - personal fork use install to override gentoo eclasses say it in readme remove 3.0.2 bump fake QA changes Bug 10884 - Additional abstract members on MethodBase breaks F# build, block mono 3.0.5* and 3.0.6* for F# change blocking deps to autoupdateable better versionator eclass usage, thx to slyfox
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+gentoo-dotnet unofficial overlay
+You may run ./install in repository root to override gentoo obsolete eclasses