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* dev-libs/libressl: move from ::gentooQuentin Retornaz2021-04-253-0/+157
* Remove obsolete ebuildsmaurerpe2016-02-212-63/+0
* Add Patch to LibreSSL 2.3.0 for vuln fixed in LibreSSL 2.2.4.Aric Belsito2015-10-161-0/+51
* dev-libs/libressl: rm oldhasufell2015-10-014-274/+0
* Updated LibreSSL to 2.3.0 (Masked for Testing.)Aric Belsito2015-09-241-0/+12
* Fix for LibreSSL 2.2.0 and MUSL.Lluixhi Scura2015-07-011-0/+11
* Backport stdint.h inclusion from libressl-portable repoPaulo Matias2014-12-241-0/+11
* Install LibreSSL's default config instead.Lluixhi Scura2014-12-221-350/+0
* Add Example /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf file to installLluixhi Scura2014-12-212-0/+382
* dev-libs/libressl: version bump, issue #21Anthony G. Basile2014-12-211-0/+220