Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Update OpenSSL Dummy EbuildLluixhi Scura2015-03-191-0/+20
* LibreSSL 2.1.6Lluixhi Scura2015-03-192-0/+63
* LibreSSL Update to 2.1.5Lluixhi Scura2015-03-182-0/+64
* Updated OpenSSL Dummy ebuildLluixhi Scura2015-03-051-0/+20
* dev-libs/libressl: version bump to 2.1.4 wrt #66hasufell2015-03-042-0/+64
* dev-libs/openssl: add dep on app-misc/c_rehash wrt #61hasufell2015-02-075-5/+10
* Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/hasufell/libresslhasufell2015-01-252-0/+6
| * Use 'libressl' USE flag instead of virtual/opensslhasufell2015-01-232-0/+6
* | dev-libs/openssl: rm unused local descriptionshasufell2015-01-231-2/+0
* Updated the dummy ebuild again because normal gentoo repos screwed up.Lluixhi Scura2015-01-231-0/+0
* Update OpenSSL Dummy to 1.0.2Lluixhi Scura2015-01-231-0/+1
* Revert "dev-libs/openssl: update to depend on libressl SUBSLOT"hasufell2015-01-235-5/+5
* dev-libs/libressl: rm oldhasufell2015-01-2311-524/+0
* dev-libs/openssl: update to depend on libressl SUBSLOThasufell2015-01-235-5/+5
* dev-libs/libressl: add SUBSLOThasufell2015-01-231-1/+1
* dev-libs/libressl: version bump to 2.1.3hasufell2015-01-232-0/+57
* dev-libs/libressl: stablehasufell2015-01-161-1/+1
* dev-libs/openssl: rm invalid keywordshasufell2015-01-164-4/+4
* dev-libs/openssl: fix maintainerhasufell2015-01-161-1/+3
* Updated Metadata, dummy ebuild.Lluixhi Scura2015-01-155-7/+13
* Sync'd keywords.Lluixhi Scura2015-01-101-1/+1
* Updated OpenSSL Dummy Ebuild.Lluixhi Scura2015-01-081-0/+19
* Backport stdint.h inclusion from libressl-portable repoPaulo Matias2014-12-242-0/+73
* metadata: move to thin manifestshasufell2014-12-222-18/+0
* Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/lluixhi/libresslhasufell2014-12-223-0/+93
| * Install LibreSSL's default config instead.Lluixhi Scura2014-12-223-353/+2
| * Add Example /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf file to installLluixhi Scura2014-12-214-0/+444
* | dev-libs/openssl: add kerberos USE flag wrt #26hasufell2014-12-225-8/+8
* | dev-libs/openssl: update fake ebuildshasufell2014-12-229-112/+3
* dev-libs/libressl: version bump, issue #21Anthony G. Basile2014-12-214-1/+277
* Added new dummy ebuild for openssl-1.0.1jLluixhi Scura2014-11-032-0/+20
* dev-libs/libressl: version bumpAnthony G. Basile2014-10-192-0/+53
* dev-libs/libressl: version bumpAnthony G. Basile2014-10-123-1/+57
* bump fake openssl ebuildHanno2014-08-262-0/+20
* dev-libs/libressl: keyword ~mipsAnthony G. Basile2014-08-227-12/+12
* dev-libs/libressl: keyword ~ppc ~ppc64Anthony G. Basile2014-08-227-12/+12
* dev-libs/libressl: bump to 2.0.4 and 2.0.5Anthony G. Basile2014-08-213-0/+104
* libressl bumpHanno2014-07-222-0/+52
* re-digestHanno2014-07-161-0/+2
* version bump, -Werror has been removed upstreamHanno2014-07-161-0/+50
* Fix repoman warningshasufell2014-07-134-0/+26
* Initial importhasufell2014-07-1311-0/+245