Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* dev-python/m2crypto: remove libressl USE flagQuentin Retornaz11 days3-11/+4
* dev-python/m2crypto: new packageQuentin Retornaz2021-01-266-0/+443
* dev-python/*: drop as patches are upstream in gentoo.gitAaron Bauman2019-02-204-314/+0
* dev-python/cryptography: drop all, libressl supported in main treeStefan Strogin2018-10-268-301/+0
* dev-python/m2crypto: sync with upstreamAric Belsito2018-04-133-51/+10
* add support for libressl 2.7.x #651168Quentin Retornaz2018-04-024-0/+165
* dev-python/m2crypto: version bump to 0.27.0Aric Belsito2017-11-082-0/+49
* dev-python/m2crypto: update to latest version.Aric Belsito2017-10-176-228/+260
* dev-python/cryptography: sync with upstreamAric Belsito2017-06-091-2/+3
* dev-python/cryptography: version bump to 1.8.1Aric Belsito2017-04-262-0/+53
* dev-python/cryptography: fix keywordsAric Belsito2017-04-121-2/+1
* dev-python/cryptography: sync with treeAric Belsito2017-02-263-56/+2
* dev-python/cryptography: version bump to 1.7.2Aric Belsito2017-02-053-38/+11
* dev-python/m2crypto: Sync with upstreamAric Belsito2017-02-022-4/+4
* dev-python/cryptography: Add 1.7.1Aric Belsito2017-02-014-2/+73
* Merge pull request #145 from lluixhi/m2cryptoAnthony G. Basile2016-04-043-58/+0
| * Remove m2crypto-0.23.0Aric Belsito2016-04-043-58/+0
* | Update cryptography.Aric Belsito2016-04-042-2/+2
* Add cryptography. Patch already merged upstream.Aric Belsito2016-03-304-0/+93
* dev-python/crytography: moved to treeAnthony G. Basile2016-03-077-429/+0
* Update metatada.xml filesAnthony G. Basile2016-02-281-1/+5
* Update m2crypto.Aric Belsito2016-02-224-4/+20
* Update m2crypto.Aric Belsito2016-02-211-0/+45
* Fix m2crypto for LibreSSL 2.3.0.Aric Belsito2015-09-246-0/+271
* Remove obsolete packages and patcheshasufell2015-08-115-161/+0
* Convert CVS style headers to git style headershasufell2015-08-103-3/+3
* Fix Cryptography with LibreSSL >= 2.2.2Lluixhi Scura2015-08-084-1/+90
* Deleted old cryptography versions, sync'd keywords. Only 0.6.1 is stillLluixhi Scura2015-06-058-186/+72
* dev-python/pycurl: initial import wrt #63hasufell2015-02-075-0/+161
* Use 'libressl' USE flag instead of virtual/opensslhasufell2015-01-233-7/+10
* dev-python/cryptography: version bump to 0.7.2hasufell2015-01-232-0/+41
* dev-python/cryptography: fix build against libressl-2.1.3 wrt #57hasufell2015-01-231-34/+30
* Updated dev-python/cryptographyLluixhi Scura2015-01-135-2/+200
* metadata: move to thin manifestshasufell2014-12-221-4/+0
* dev-python/cryptography: bump to 0.6.1, rm oldhasufell2014-12-223-30/+16
* add dev-python/cryptographyHanno2014-07-226-0/+230