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parentpackage.use.mask studio for net-analyzer/icinga2 (diff)
Unify quoting in metadata.xml files for machine processing
Force unified quoting in all metadata.xml files since lxml does not preserve original use of single and double quotes. Ensuring unified quoting before the process allows distinguishing the GLEP 67-related metadata.xml changes from unrelated quoting changes.
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diff --git a/app-crypt/ekeyd/metadata.xml b/app-crypt/ekeyd/metadata.xml
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--- a/app-crypt/ekeyd/metadata.xml
+++ b/app-crypt/ekeyd/metadata.xml
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
<name>Kristian Fiskerstrand</name>
- <flag name='usb'>
+ <flag name="usb">
Build the libusb-based userland daemon for accessing the
EntropyKey (alternative to the CDC USB driver). It is suggested
to use this option by default, as the CDC driver in the kernel
@@ -14,12 +14,12 @@
EntropyKey is too buggy), and can cause various problems.
- <flag name='munin'>
+ <flag name="munin">
Install a plugin for <pkg>net-analyzer/munin</pkg> to graph
statistical data from ekeyd.
- <flag name='minimal'>
+ <flag name="minimal">
Only install the ekey-egd-linux service rather than the full
ekeyd package.