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Log for 20200510 meeting.
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+[21:00:07] <Whissi> !proj council
+[21:00:08] <willikins> Whissi: ( dilfridge, gyakovlev, patrick, slyfox, ulm, whissi, williamh
+[21:00:11] <Whissi> Welcome to Gentoo's 200th council meeting!
+[21:00:17] <dilfridge> wheee!!!
+[21:00:19] <Whissi> Today's agenda will be:
+[21:00:27] <Whissi> Let's start with topic #1, roll call!
+[21:00:30] * gyakovlev here
+[21:00:32] * slyfox here
+[21:00:34] * dilfridge here
+[21:00:34] * WilliamH here
+[21:00:35] * ulm here
+[21:00:51] * Whissi pings xiaomiao
+[21:01:10] <dilfridge> he's still busy with the next 5 year plan
+[21:01:16] <WilliamH> heh
+[21:03:08] <Whissi> Let's move to topic #2, vote one GLEP 72 (
+[21:03:17] <Whissi> Maybe dilfridge or mgorny want to give a short overview how GLEP 72 will affect/change current situation/workflow once accepted?
+[21:03:38] <dilfridge> well, it's mostly just describing the status quo right now
+[21:03:58] <dilfridge> its main purpos is that we can define what is a "stable arch",
+[21:04:17] <dilfridge> also in a way that tools like, e.g., eshowkw, can read and use
+[21:04:32] <dilfridge> (display stable arches first, then transitional, then testing)
+[21:04:42] <dilfridge> it divides up arches into three types
+[21:04:46] <dilfridge> 1) stable
+[21:04:56] <dilfridge> Stable means that the architecture is actively maintaining stable keywords. When dependency graphs of packages with stable keywords are tested, they are tested separately for arch and ~arch systems.
+[21:05:12] <dilfridge> that is what we do today for amd64, x86, arm, ....
+[21:05:18] <Whissi> Tooling and workflow doesn't change? We will have to wait for non-stable (now called testing) arches because they should be cc'ed?
+[21:05:25] <dilfridge> 2) transitional
+[21:05:54] <Whissi> err transitional, not testing.
+[21:05:59] <dilfridge> Means that the arch has stable keywords, but they are more like a convenience for the arch team (e.g. stage building)
+[21:06:19] <dilfridge> repoman tests normally only ~consistency
+[21:06:28] <dilfridge> with stable treated as ~arch
+[21:06:53] <dilfridge> you are supposed to file stable requests, but this should not block anything
+[21:07:13] <slyfox> There was no explicitly defined workflow before and there is no workflow now.
+[21:07:29] <gyakovlev> how well it combines with stable,dev,exp profiles?
+[21:07:47] <dilfridge> right, but that stablerequests should be filed is explicitly in the glep
+[21:07:47] <Whissi> I don't understand the latter. Imagine 1.2.3 is marked stable for that arch in transitional state. If I'll file a stabilization request for 1.2.4, I have to wait for that transitional arch before I can cleanup old, not?
+[21:08:37] <dilfridge> I would say, make a judgment call. If this is mostly for arch team convenience, then it doesnt matter if stable consistency is broken for a bit
+[21:09:01] <dilfridge> However, if these teams never hear about a new version going stable, things will be broken much faster.
+[21:09:23] <dilfridge> Also, typically these are exp profiles.
+[21:09:29] <Whissi> So I could remove old stable when transitional arch hasn't set new stable keyword yet and CI/crooker bot won't chase me down?
+[21:09:39] <dilfridge> yes
+[21:09:41] <Whissi> OK.
+[21:09:58] <dilfridge> 3) testing
+[21:10:24] <dilfridge> stable keyword is an error, but in principle (if there is a stable profile) ~arch consistency can be enforced
+[21:11:10] <dilfridge> slyfox: do you want a well-defined workflow, and if yes, how should it look? (this is a bit late now but...)
+[21:11:46] <slyfox> dilfridge: i wanted a well-deviced workflow of bug handling from security@ the response from the lead was that i will not have one
+[21:12:08] <dilfridge> :/ ok, not the current problem unfortunately
+[21:12:16] <slyfox> sure
+[21:13:08] <dilfridge> my interpretation is that "transitional" is "testing for users, stable internally for devs/arch team"
+[21:13:32] <dilfridge> and that additionally "transitional" can help re-introducing stable keywords
+[21:14:27] <Whissi> OK, current situation isn't really changing except that you can ignore transitional arches (however, this will be hard to notice in practice in bugs). Any others questions or are we ready to vote?
+[21:14:57] <slyfox> i am ready
+[21:15:27] <Whissi> Council: Please vote on motion, "Accept GLEP 72"
+[21:15:37] * dilfridge yes
+[21:15:39] * Whissi yes
+[21:15:40] * slyfox yes
+[21:15:52] * ulm yes
+[21:15:52] * WilliamH yes
+[21:17:00] <Whissi> gyakovlev?
+[21:18:10] * dilfridge checks on cnn if california is still above sea level
+[21:18:16] <WilliamH> lol
+[21:18:39] <gyakovlev> yes
+[21:18:46] <slyfox> \o/
+[21:18:48] <Whissi> The motion was passed unanimously. \o/
+[21:18:58] <gyakovlev> sorry, was reading more =)
+[21:19:09] <Whissi> Let's move to topic #3, open bugs with council involvement (
+[21:19:16] <Whissi> bug 662982
+[21:19:18] <willikins> Whissi: "[TRACKER] New default locations for the Gentoo repository, distfiles, and binary packages"; Gentoo Linux, Current packages; CONF; zmedico:dev-portage
+[21:19:25] <Whissi> I assume no changes since previous meeting, right?
+[21:19:29] <Whissi> We are still depending on bug 574752.
+[21:19:32] <willikins> Whissi: "Rename portage-YYYYMMDD.tar* snapshots with gentoo-YYYYMMDD.tar*"; Gentoo Infrastructure, Other; IN_P; mgorny:infra-bugs
+[21:19:40] <Whissi> If no one else will offer to take care of this I'll talk to infra this month to get this rolling.
+[21:19:50] <slyfox> yay!
+[21:20:10] <slyfox> bug #662982 has no response since jan
+[21:20:10] <willikins> slyfox: "[TRACKER] New default locations for the Gentoo repository, distfiles, and binary packages"; Gentoo Linux, Current packages; CONF; zmedico:dev-portage
+[21:20:30] <slyfox> ah, wrong bug. nevermind me
+[21:20:34] <Whissi> :)
+[21:20:55] <WilliamH> I think the issue with all of this is the introduction of the date in the tld name in the tarball, but I don't remember why it is needed.
+[21:21:14] <Whissi> Did I get this right? slyfox volunteers? ;)
+[21:21:35] <slyfox> i don't :)
+[21:21:47] <Whissi> OK, I'll do if no one else...
+[21:22:26] <Whissi> Final topic #4, open floor, before we will start celebrating 200 Gentoo council meetings with re-playing the 10 most legendary meetings in realtime ;-)
+[21:22:38] <dilfridge> omg
+[21:24:00] <dilfridge> before we close,
+[21:24:11] <dilfridge> for the group photo, everybody wave!!!
+[21:24:15] * dilfridge \o/
+[21:24:21] <Whissi> \o\
+[21:24:35] <slyfox> :D-\-<
+[21:24:35] <ulm> \o/
+[21:24:46] <WilliamH> :-)
+[21:25:15] <dilfridge> \o/
+[21:25:19] <gyakovlev> ]\[
+[21:25:38] * Whissi bangs the gavel
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