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20210214 raw meeting logs
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+19:00 <@slyfox> Meeting time
+19:00 <@slyfox> Today's agenda:
+19:01 <@slyfox> !proj council
+19:01 <+willikins> ( dilfridge, gyakovlev, mattst88, slyfox, ulm, whissi, williamh
+19:01 * WilliamH here
+19:01 <@slyfox> whissi noted that sam_ is proxying him today
+19:01 <@slyfox> 1. Roll call
+19:01 * gyakovlev here
+19:01 * ulm here
+19:01 * mattst88 here
+19:01 * sam_ here
+19:01 * slyfox here
+19:01 * WilliamH here
+19:01 * dilfridge here
+19:02 <@slyfox> \o/
+19:02 <@slyfox> 2. Open bugs with council involvement
+19:02 <@slyfox>
+19:02 <@slyfox> we have 5
+19:02 <@slyfox> bug #751010
+19:02 <@dilfridge> high 5
+19:02 <+willikins> slyfox: "Missing log and summaries for 20191110, 20191208, and 20200412 council meetings"; Gentoo Council, unspecified; CONF; ulm:council
+19:02 <@dilfridge> :(
+19:02 <@dilfridge> yeah I know
+19:03 <@slyfox> FYI, still a thing. please do :)
+19:03 <@slyfox> bug 662982
+19:03 <+willikins> slyfox: "[TRACKER] New default locations for the Gentoo repository, distfiles, and binary packages"; Gentoo Linux, Current packages; CONF; zmedico:dev-portage
+19:03 <@gyakovlev> still nothing from me, sorry, life got in a way, hard time finding time to do stuff.
+19:03 <@gyakovlev> ^wrt summaries
+19:03 <@ulm> re #751010, we should really aim for having the summary ready for the next meeting
+19:03 <@slyfox> if we have raw logs i can process them
+19:03 <@ulm> and if you cannot do it, maybe speak up now
+19:04 <@ulm> so we can find another volunteer
+19:04 <@slyfox> Looks like "default locations" is no whissi
+19:04 <@slyfox> sam_: do you happen to know the state? Otherwise we move on
+19:05 <+sam_> no, no information there - will get back for next one
+19:05 <@slyfox> *nod*
+19:05 <@slyfox> bug #736760
+19:05 <+willikins> slyfox: "Application to Software Freedom Conservancy"; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; CONF; mgorny:trustees
+19:05 <@slyfox> AFAIU council@ is CCed as FYI, no action or status update here.
+19:05 <@slyfox> bug #688876
+19:05 <+willikins> slyfox: "Comrel webpage does not document expectations of privacy"; Community Relations, Developer Relations; IN_P; rich0:comrel
+19:06 <@gyakovlev> ^draft is ready, will update wiki page soon and close the bug
+19:06 <@slyfox> woohoo!
+19:06 <@slyfox> sounds like progress
+19:06 <@gyakovlev> yup
+19:06 <@dilfridge> ^^
+19:06 <@slyfox> last one: bug #729062
+19:06 <+willikins> slyfox: "Services and Software which is critical for Gentoo should be developed/run in the Gentoo namespace"; Gentoo Council, unspecified; IN_P; jstein:council
+19:06 <@slyfox> Also on Whissi
+19:07 <+sam_> okay, so for this one, jstein and Whissi tried to speak this week, but couldn't
+19:07 <+sam_> they aim to have it done in time for the next one
+19:07 <@slyfox> sounds good
+19:07 <@slyfox> 3. Open floor
+19:07 <+sam_> (I think it's just about finalising the email.)
+19:09 <+mgorny> i suppose i should ping that one umbrella whose name i don't recall anymore
+19:10 <+mgorny> but i guess covid has slowed things down
+19:10 <@dilfridge> spi?
+19:10 <+mgorny> nah
+19:10 <+mgorny> the one that i've been handling
+19:10 <+sultan> sfc?
+19:10 <+mgorny> OSC?
+19:11 <@ulm> it's a bad sign for it if you cannot remember its name :/
+19:11 <+mgorny> is it my fault that they all invent fancy similar names? ;-)
+19:12 <+mgorny> (and yes, i meant OSC)
+19:13 <@slyfox> giving 1 minute for any open floor topics before we wrap up
+19:13 <@ulm> yes, Open Source Collective
+19:13 <+sam_> I think the general search for umbrellas is nearly done anyway
+19:13 <+sam_> it's just going to be decision time soon
+19:14 <@dilfridge> just think of them as the open source borg
+19:14 <+mgorny> i think the problem is that we haven't made any progress for months
+19:14 <+mgorny> unlikely to get things done in this fiscal year
+19:16 <@slyfox> I hereby declare meeting done. Thanks all!
+19:16 <@dilfridge> I guess 1) make comparison spreadsheet, 2) decide, 3) doit
+19:16 <@dilfridge> thanks!
+19:17 <@ulm> dilfridge: you'll be chairing next meeting
+19:17 <@dilfridge> \o/
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