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+18:59 <@slyfox> !proj council
+18:59 <+willikins> ( dilfridge, gyakovlev, mattst88, slyfox, ulm, whissi, williamh
+19:00 <@slyfox> Another installment of council@ meeting is about to begin \o/
+19:00 <@slyfox> Today's agenda:
+19:00 <@slyfox> 1. Roll call
+19:00 * gyakovlev here
+19:00 * slyfox here
+19:00 * ulm here
+19:00 * dilfridge here
+19:01 <@slyfox> let's give a few minutes to others to pop up
+19:01 * mattst88 here
+19:01 * WilliamH here
+19:02 <@slyfox> Whissi: ^
+19:05 <@slyfox> declaring arbitrary 5 minute timeout
+19:05 <@slyfox> Let's do [3.] first. Don't know why I put it after bug triage.
+19:05 <@slyfox> 3. Vote on proposal to CoC change to encourage clear communication
+19:06 <@slyfox> Proposed change:
+19:06 <@gyakovlev> tldr
+19:06 <@gyakovlev> +* '''Use concise and clear language.''' The Gentoo community includes people from all over the world, with varying English skills and available time.
+19:06 <@slyfox> Anything to discuss here? Other wise we'll move straight on to voting.
+19:07 <@dilfridge> well, it's not something really enforcable, but it makes sense in any case
+19:07 <@ulm> is that the best wording we can come up with?
+19:07 <@ulm> compare with debian for example:
+19:08 <@ulm> but yeah, I won't oppose mgorny's wording
+19:08 <+mgorny> i've tried to keep it short, in style of our CoC
+19:08 <@mattst88> it seems fine; I would have suggested that you respond to the thread if you wanted different wording
+19:09 <+mgorny> that said, if a native speaker has a better idea, i'm open to it
+19:10 <+mgorny> (or non-native speaker too)
+19:10 <@WilliamH> I'm not really keen on the "and available time" part, That should be obvious since we are all volunteers etc.
+19:10 <+sam_> you could say all of it should be obvious
+19:10 <@ulm> that would be included under "acceptable behavior" I suppose
+19:10 <+sam_> really, I think we could've nitpicked phrasing pre-meeting
+19:11 <@dilfridge> let's vote
+19:11 <@slyfox> Allright. I think literal wording is not too bad to tweak slightly later. Let's vote on the proposal as is then.
+19:11 <@slyfox> Vote on addition of CoC entry "+* '''Use concise and clear language.''' The Gentoo community includes people from all over the world, with varying English skills and available time."
+19:11 * mattst88 votes yes
+19:11 * mattst88 votes yes
+19:11 * gyakovlev yes
+19:11 * dilfridge yes
+19:11 * slyfox yes
+19:11 * ulm yes
+19:12 * WilliamH yes
+19:12 <+mgorny> now that i look at it, maybe 'amount of available time' would be more correct but that's a detail
+19:12 <@slyfox> Whissi: ^ are you around by chance?
+19:13 <@slyfox> Vote concluded: 6 yes, 1 unavailable. Passed.
+19:13 * Whissi here
+19:13 <@slyfox> Just in time!
+19:13 <@slyfox> Let's collect your vote as well and recount :)
+19:13 * Whissi yes
+19:13 <@slyfox> Vote concluded: 7 yes. Passed \o/
+19:13 <@dilfridge> \o/
+19:14 <@slyfox> 2. Open bugs with council involvement
+19:14 <@slyfox>
+19:14 <@ulm> point of order, the vote was already concluded
+19:14 <@ulm> but won't make any difference anyway
+19:14 <@slyfox> *nod*
+19:14 <@slyfox> #688876 Communit Develope CONF --- Comrel webpage does not document expectations of privacy
+19:14 <@slyfox> bug #688876
+19:14 <+willikins> slyfox: "Comrel webpage does not document expectations of privacy"; Community Relations, Developer Relations; CONF; rich0:comrel
+19:15 <@slyfox> No response from comrel@. I'll ping the bug.
+19:15 <@gyakovlev> slyfox: that was on me but i did not follow up on this with comrel due to real-life business and holidays. will do this time.
+19:15 <@slyfox> aha, sounds good!
+19:15 <@slyfox> bug #677824
+19:15 <+willikins> slyfox: "Deferred decision: Forums (specifically OTW)"; Gentoo Council, unspecified; CONF; k_f:council
+19:16 <@slyfox> I think decision was sorted and we can close the bug. Yes?
+19:16 <@ulm> OTW is gone AFAICS
+19:16 <@dilfridge> yes
+19:16 <@mattst88> yes
+19:16 <@gyakovlev> last time I checked OTW is no longer visible. not sure about the actual data.
+19:16 <+mgorny> at least not visible
+19:16 <+mgorny> and i think someone explicitly says they're making it hidden
+19:16 <@dilfridge> and for the record I am *very* glad that we managed to sort this out before the ongoing US desaster
+19:16 <@mattst88> I'd like to note that I am disappointed that the forums team created a new semi-off topic forum without even mentioning it to council
+19:16 <@slyfox> *nod*, will close the bug
+19:17 <@mattst88> > Other Things Open Source
+19:17 <@slyfox> :)
+19:17 <+sam_> also: it was closed a few days early unilaterally by a moderator, I understand
+19:17 <+sam_> (a week?)
+19:17 <@Whissi> Well, it was a deadline. Not a fixed date.
+19:17 <+sam_> sure, I'm just noting. :)
+19:18 <@slyfox> *nod*, moving on
+19:18 <@slyfox> bug #751010
+19:18 <+willikins> slyfox: "Missing log and summaries for 20191110, 20191208, and 20200412 council meetings"; Gentoo Council, unspecified; CONF; ulm:council
+19:18 * dilfridge sneaks off into a dark corner
+19:18 <@slyfox> dilfridge and gyakovlev FYI ^
+19:18 <@gyakovlev> mine still missing, same reason - real life got in the way
+19:18 <@dilfridge> willdo
+19:18 <@ulm> 2020-11 is also missing
+19:18 <@slyfox> bug #754009
+19:18 <@gyakovlev> I have to write OTW meeting summary lol
+19:18 <@gyakovlev> that's a big one
+19:19 <@slyfox> that one is 754009 Gentoo C unspecif CONF --- Council vote request, short term stopgap measure: Forums "Off The Wall" is *immediately* be set to "only visible for logged-in users"
+19:19 <@slyfox> also sorted
+19:19 <@dilfridge> yes
+19:19 <@slyfox> bug #662982
+19:19 <+willikins> slyfox: "[TRACKER] New default locations for the Gentoo repository, distfiles, and binary packages"; Gentoo Linux, Current packages; CONF; zmedico:dev-portage
+19:19 <@Whissi> Sorry, I have that scheduled for this week... for some reason I added council meeting for next week instead of today to my calendar (that's why I am also late) :/
+19:20 <@slyfox> Last update on the bug is almost a year ago :)
+19:20 <@slyfox> Whissi, you are taking it, right?
+19:20 <@slyfox> (making sure these are not overlay updates to older bugs)
+19:20 <@Whissi> Yes, bug will get an update this week.
+19:20 <@slyfox> *nod*
+19:21 <@slyfox> bug #736760
+19:21 <+willikins> slyfox: "Application to Software Freedom Conservancy"; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; CONF; mgorny:trustees
+19:21 <@slyfox> As I understand it's FYI for council@
+19:21 <@slyfox> AAAAAAAAnd last one: big #729062
+19:22 <@slyfox> bug #729062
+19:22 <+willikins> slyfox: "Services and Software which is critical for Gentoo should be developed/run in the Gentoo namespace"; Gentoo Council, unspecified; IN_P; jstein:council
+19:22 <+mgorny> slyfox: and no new info
+19:22 <+antarus> mgorny: shall we close ?
+19:22 <+mgorny> i suppose we should ping them again
+19:22 <@slyfox> *nod*, thanks for the update
+19:22 <+antarus> or do we expect to actually hear from them?
+19:22 <@Whissi> It's the same... I planned to meet with jstein upcoming week to get this tackled
+19:22 <+mgorny> i mean, the other thingies
+19:22 <@slyfox> aha, sounds good
+19:22 <@Whissi> We still plan to post an update to ml with a motion
+19:22 <+antarus> mgorny: ah, yes SPI and collective are still open
+19:22 <@slyfox> That's all for bug backlog.
+19:22 <+mgorny> antarus: did Robin finish the paperwork they requested?
+19:23 <+antarus> I should follow up on that then; my understanding was that we wuold not proceed with SFC (but as mentioned on thread the information is likely similar for other orgs)
+19:24 <+mgorny> antarus: *i* agree with not proceeding but i'm not the one to make a decision here
+19:24 <+antarus> mgorny: ok I'll take an AI to follow up with more concrete steps
+19:24 <+mgorny> Gentoo: where AI decides on stuff
+19:24 * mgorny hides
+19:24 <+antarus> (right now I'm trying to get our fiscal 2020 taxes in order; as we have not paid them yet.)
+19:25 <+antarus> mgorny: I'm spending all the AWS credits on GPUs and machine learning man
+19:25 * dilfridge supposes we should work on our natural intelligence first
+19:25 <@slyfox> Allright.
+19:25 <@slyfox> 4. Open floor
+19:26 <@mattst88> I'm curious if we have an update on the phpbb upgrade, since that seemed to be an important point for a lot of people last month
+19:26 <+antarus> no
+19:26 <@gyakovlev> mattst88: or just a red herring? =)
+19:27 <@mattst88> gyakovlev++
+19:27 <+antarus> Due to changing priorities in infra, I have not done the upgrade
+19:27 <@Whissi> mattst88: Good point.
+19:27 <+antarus> although it is still planned
+19:27 <@Whissi> antarus: What's the forum's upgrade status?
+19:27 <@Whissi> Or is Christmas still coming for you? *duck* ;-)
+19:27 <+antarus> the status is unchanged from teh last council meeting
+19:28 <+antarus> the new software is installed, but we need to do the import of the existing forums (basically a DB migration)
+19:28 <@gyakovlev> Whissi: I, for example, have to celebrate both 25 dec and 7 jan Christmases, so it's just concluded. a lot of holidays.
+19:28 <+antarus> and its buggy and takes forever and hasn't completed successfully
+19:29 <@Whissi> antarus: Are you the only one involved/working on that or do you have to coordinate with someone?
+19:29 <+antarus> just me currently
+19:29 <@mattst88> antarus: thanks for the update. no problem from me
+19:29 <@Whissi> OK, thank you for the update.
+19:30 <+antarus> if arzano finds copious spare time after his move
+19:30 <+antarus> perhaps I'll delegate
+19:30 <+antarus> he is good at getting shit done, heh
+19:31 <@dilfridge> :D
+19:31 <@slyfox> Any other topics?
+19:32 <@slyfox> (giving a few minutes)
+19:34 <@slyfox> -ETIMEDOUT
+19:34 <@slyfox> All right. I hereby declare meeting done!
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