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+title: '2020 in retrospect & happy new year 2021!'
+<img align="right" height="100" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2021/2021.png" alt="Gentoo Fireworks">
+Happy New Year 2021! Due to the COVID pandemic, 2020 was a year unlike any other, and this has also
+impacted many open source projects. Nevertheless, at Gentoo we have made some great strides forward.
+While we now start into 2021 with fresh energy (and maybe soon antibodies), let's also take a look
+back. <a href="https://www.gentoo.org/news/2021/01/15/new-year.html">We're happy to share with our
+community the most exciting news of the past 12 months</a> -- including numbers on Gentoo activity, our
+new developers, and featured changes and improvements!
+## Gentoo in numbers
+**2020 has featured a major increase in commits to the [::gentoo](https://gitweb.gentoo.org/repo/gentoo.git/)
+repository**, and especially commits from non-developers. The overall *number of commits* has grown
+from *73400* to *104500* (by 42%), while the number of *commits made by non-developers* has grown from *5700*
+(8% of total) to *11000* (10.5% of total). The latter group has featured *333* unique authors in 2019, and
+*391* in 2020.
+The [::guru](https://gitweb.gentoo.org/repo/proj/guru.git/) repository
+has thrived in 2020. While 2019 left it with merely *7* contributors
+and a total of *86* commits, 2020 has featured *55* different
+contributors and *2725* commits. GURU is a user-curated repository with
+a trusted user model. [Come join us!](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:GURU)
+There was also a major increase in Bugzilla activity. 2020 featured
+almost 25500 bugs reported, compared to 15000 in 2019. This is probably
+largely thanks to Agostino Sarubbo's new tinderboxing effort. The total
+number of bugs closed in 2020 was 23500, compared to 15000 in 2019.
+## New developers
+We've finished 2020 with **three significant additions to the Gentoo
+family** (in chronological order):
+1. **[Max Magorsch (arzano)](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/User:Arzano)**
+ <img align="right" height="65" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/a6af814e6576794883a412946837a253?s=65&d=retro">
+ Max joined us in February to help out with Gentoo Infrastructure. Since
+ then, he already did tons of work. Just to list a few things, he has
+ redesigned and modernized the Gentoo websites and rewritten
+ <a href="https://packages.gentoo.org/">packages.gentoo.org</a>
+ into the super cool form we have today.
+2. **[Sam James (sam)](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/User:Sam)**
+ <img align="right" height="65" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/786f3a957bcc3a8d19160e824fc64b8e?s=65&d=retro">
+ Sam joined us in July, and has contributed to a lot of different
+ projects since. He is known as an active member of the Security team
+ and multiple arch teams, as well as someone who fixes lots of bugs
+ in different packages.
+3. **[Stephan Hartmann (sultan)](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/User:Sultan)**
+ <img align="right" height="65" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/03baaedf1ab4d4c7cf3336c101562e4c?s=65&d=retro">
+ Stephan joined us in September, and immediately started working on our
+ Chromium-related packages. He has pushed commits
+ to upstream Chromium; hopefully he'll deal with all the specific problems
+ that come up in Gentoo here. Thanks to him we also have finally caught
+ up with Windows, offering our users a packaged version of Microsoft Edge.
+## Featured changes
+The following major changes and improvements have happened in 2020:
+### Packages
+- <img align="right" height="65" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2020/larry-cowboy.svg">
+ <b><a href="https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Distribution_Kernel">Distribution Kernels</a>:
+ Gentoo now supports building and installing kernels entirely
+ via the package manager.</b> The new kernel packages also come with an (optional)
+ stock configuration based on well-tested Fedora kernels, to ease
+ the entry barrier and maintenance effort of Gentoo systems.
+- <img align="right" height="50" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2021/logo-wayland.svg">
+ <b><a href="https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Wayland">Wayland</a>:
+ Wayland support in Gentoo has progressed greatly, making it
+ possible to run an Xorg-free desktop.</b> Wayland is supported
+ with large desktop environments such as KDE Plasma and GNOME, as well
+ as with lightweight alternatives such as Sway and Wayfire. The latter
+ makes it also possible to use Wayland to a large extent without
+ resorting to XWayland.
+- <img align="right" height="50" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2021/logo-lua.png">
+ <b><a href="https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Lua">Lua</a>:
+ A new framework has been created that permits multiple versions
+ of Lua to be installed side-by-side.</b> The vast majority of ~arch
+ packages have already been migrated to this framework. This way, we have
+ finally been able to unmask new (slotted!) Lua versions.
+- <img align="right" height="50" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2021/logo-python.svg">
+ <b><a href="https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Python">Python</a>:
+ We have managed to almost withdraw Python 2.7 from Gentoo,
+ and upgrade the default to Python 3.8.</b>
+ Python 2.7 is still available as a build-time dependency for a few
+ packages. We have additionally patched all the
+ <a href="https://blogs.gentoo.org/mgorny/2020/09/12/new-vulnerability-fixes-in-python-2-7-and-pypy/">vulnerabilities</a>
+ known from later versions of Python.
+### Architectures
+- **[ARM64](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:ARM64):
+ ARM64 (AArch64) support has been elevated to stable status** and is no longer experimental.
+ The ARM64 project now provides automatically generated [stage3 files](http://distfiles.gentoo.org/releases/arm64/autobuilds/),
+ and is usually one of the fastest arch teams to test packages. We
+ have worked to bring more packages to ARM64 and make it more
+ feasible to run a full desktop!
+- **[PPC64](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:PowerPC):
+ KDE Plasma is now available on PPC64**, thanks to extensive testing and keywording
+ efforts by Georgy Yakovlev.
+- **[RISC-V](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:RISC-V):
+ Work on RISC-V support has started**, with particular focus
+ on the riscv64 architecture. The RISC-V project provides [stage3 files](
+ https://dev.gentoo.org/~dilfridge/stages/) and stable profiles
+ for the soft-float (rv64imac/lp64) and hard-float (rv64gc/lp64d) ABIs,
+ in both systemd and OpenRC variants. The arch team has
+ managed to run Xorg already!
+- **[Prefix](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Prefix):
+ Gentoo Prefix is once again capable of bootstrapping on the latest
+ macOS releases**, and work is underway to modernise prefix-specific
+ ebuilds and merge them back into the main tree - this way ensuring that
+ users get the latest software and that maintenance burden is reduced.
+- <img align="right" height="50" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2020/logo-gentoo-android.png">
+ <b><a href="https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Android">Android</a>:
+ The Gentoo Android project has released a new 64bit Android prefix tarball</b>,
+ featuring gcc-10.1.0, binutils-2.34 and glibc-2.31 in your pocket!
+### Infrastructure
+- <img align="right" height="50" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2020/gentoo-package.svg">
+ <b><a href="https://packages.gentoo.org/">packages.gentoo.org</a>:
+ The packages website has received many improvements towards being
+ a central source of information on Gentoo packages.</b> It now shows
+ the results of QA checks, bugs, pull requests referencing
+ a package, and a maintainer dashboard indicating stabilization
+ candidates and outdated versions (according to <a href="https://repology.org/">Repology</a>).
+ Additionally, the display can be <a href="https://packages.gentoo.org/user/preferences/">configured</a>
+ for your personal preferences!
+- <img align="right" height="55" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2021/logo-bugzilla.svg">
+ <b><a href="https://bugs.gentoo.org/">Bugzilla</a>:
+ The Infrastructure team has implemented a major improvement to Gentoo
+ Bugzilla performance.</b> The database has been migrated to a newer
+ database cluster, and the backend has been switched to mod_perl.
+- **[CI / Tinderbox](https://blogs.gentoo.org/ago/2020/07/04/gentoo-tinderbox/):
+ A second active tinderboxing (build testing) effort has been started**,
+ resulting in more bugs being detected and fixed early. This also includes
+ running a variety of QA checks, as well as minimal environment builds that are
+ helpful in detecting missing dependencies.
+## Discontinued projects
+While Gentoo would like to support as much as our users wish for,
+we could not manage to continue all of the projects we've started
+in the past. With limited resources, we had to divert our time
+and effort from projects showing little promise and activity. The most important
+projects discontinued in 2020 were:
+- **Architectures**: Alpha and IA64 keywords were reduced to ~arch (i.e. unstable/testing only).
+ HPPA stable keywords were limited to the most important
+ packages only. SH (SuperH) was removed entirely. With very small number
+ of users of these architectures, our arch teams decided that
+ the effort in maintaining them is too great. In case of SuperH,
+ our last available hardware died.
+- **[LibreSSL](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:LibreSSL)**:
+ By the end of 2020, we have decided to discontinue support
+ for LibreSSL. With little to no support from various upstream projects,
+ the effort necessary to maintain package compatibility exceeded
+ the gain, especially given that OpenSSL has made a lot of progress
+ since the forking point.
+## Thank you!
+We can here describe only a few major items, and these cover by far not all that is going on.
+**We would like to thank all Gentoo developers for their relentless everyday Gentoo
+work.** While they are often not recognized for this work, Gentoo could not exist without them.
+Cheers, and let's make 2021 even more productive!