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* Add type="person" to maintainer field in metadata.xml; update ManifestsAstroFloyd2017-04-074-5/+5
* Removing obsolete packagesAstroFloyd2017-04-0119-994/+0
* dev-util/appinventor2: ebuild for AI2 v1.1, converted from AI1 v1.1 ebuildAstroFloyd2015-08-164-0/+65
* Initial ebuild for dev-util/dh-make, v0.63AstroFloyd2015-05-084-0/+56
* Removed ebuild for ndiff, which is in the Gentoo Science overlayAstroFloyd2013-01-164-57/+0
* Added all files to git repoMacRoot2013-01-1222-0/+1018
* Added local ebuilds from Aug 2007 - Feb 2012root@mac2012-09-171-0/+33