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* Merge branch 'master' of Harmon2011-01-082-0/+48
| * Live ebuilds for dzen and gajim; ebuild for wmname; package.mask fix forruda2011-01-052-0/+48
* | Remove old, mostly broken ebuilds.Russell Harmon2010-04-171-36/+0
* Recover state of old repository before corruption.Russell Harmon2010-01-196-116/+2
* Add xdotool as a dependency.Russell Harmon2010-01-012-2/+3
* Version bump keynav-20091231.04Russell Harmon2009-12-312-2/+2
* Fix bugs in xdotool and keynav ebuilds.Russell Harmon2009-12-314-5/+7
* Minor fixups in keynav.Russell Harmon2009-12-312-4/+6
* keynav patches merged upstream. New minor version bump.Russell Harmon2009-12-316-201/+2
* Fix building keynav with --as-neededRussell Harmon2009-12-313-2/+33
* Fix build failureRussell Harmon2009-12-313-11/+12
* Fix xdotool when compiling with --as-neededRussell Harmon2009-12-313-2/+29
* Add keynav-20091231.01 ebuild.Russell Harmon2009-12-315-0/+202
* Add xdotool-20091231.01 ebuild.Russell Harmon2009-12-313-0/+83
* Removed keynav since it's in sunrise.Russell Harmon2009-12-263-138/+0
* Delete manifestsRussell Harmon2009-11-301-4/+0
* Add as-is to LICENSERussell Harmon2009-11-272-2/+2
* Add keynav.Russell Harmon2009-11-274-0/+142