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* x11-libs/vte: Fix wrong patch filenameNicholas Fish2019-07-182-2/+2
* Revert "x11-libs/vte: Bump to 0.57.3"Nicholas Fish2019-07-183-258/+6
* x11-libs/vte: Update OSC 777 patchNicholas Fish2019-07-103-5/+257
* x11-libs/vte: Bump to 0.57.3Nicholas Fish2019-07-092-2/+2
* x11-libs/vte: Add 0.56.3 with vte-ng patchNicholas Fish2019-07-093-7/+277
* x11-libs/gtk+: Add with patch to disable atk-bridge dependency (i.e. no DBus ...Nicholas Fish2019-07-089-0/+612
* Add hacked x11-libs/vte:0.28 ebuild implementing workarounds suggested in Gen...Nicholas Fish2017-02-187-0/+403
* Trim nvidia driver from libva-vdpau-driver as this is now provided by mesa-12...Nicholas Fish2016-09-073-12/+2
* Add libva-vdpau-driver ebuild with patch to include <sys/time.h>layman2016-01-088-0/+139