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* Changed Git repo references from glorfindel to commander.Aaron Mavrinac2009-06-153-4/+7
* Actually add the dev-python/fuzzpy 0.0.1 ebuild.Aaron Mavrinac2009-05-211-0/+32
* Version bump dev-python/fuzzpy to 0.0.1.Aaron Mavrinac2009-05-132-1/+8
* Initial import of dev-python/fuzzpy ebuild.Aaron Mavrinac2009-05-054-0/+57
* Initial import of dev-python/Kamaelia ebuild.Aaron Mavrinac2009-03-234-0/+55
* Initial import of dev-python/multitask ebuild.Aaron Mavrinac2009-02-274-0/+52
* Initial import of dev-python/pycha ebuild.Aaron Mavrinac2009-02-274-0/+49
* Removed sparc keyword from dev-python/python-twitter due to missingAaron Mavrinac2009-02-212-2/+2
* Initial import of dev-python/python-twitter ebuild.Aaron Mavrinac2009-02-214-0/+51