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* Major cleanup of overlay. Keep only maintained packages, and update manifests.Aaron Mavrinac2011-12-057-338/+0
* Initial import of media-libs/artoolkit ebuild.Aaron Mavrinac2011-01-132-0/+179
* Remove changelogs and metadata, make life easier.Aaron Mavrinac2011-01-132-47/+0
* media-libs/opencv: Removed 2.0.0 ebuild as it is now included in theAaron Mavrinac2009-10-193-78/+4
* media-libs/opencv: Add sse3 USE flag, no need for :1 on libdc1394.Aaron Mavrinac2009-10-162-3/+4
* media-libs/opencv: More updates from ssuominen. This version is going inAaron Mavrinac2009-10-164-33/+162
* media-libs/opencv: Updated with some new stuff from S. Suominen's ebuildAaron Mavrinac2009-10-163-14/+23
* media-libs/opencv: Added oldpython and octave USE flags for buildingAaron Mavrinac2009-10-043-7/+17
* Version bump media-libs/opencv to 2.0.0.Aaron Mavrinac2009-10-013-1/+61
* media-libs/opencv: Use makeopts -j1, fixes Python bindings compilationAaron Mavrinac2009-09-052-1/+3
* media-libs/opencv: Make cmake stuff work with EAPI 2. Now crashing onAaron Mavrinac2009-09-032-12/+5
* media-libs/opencv: Stabilize 1.1.0_pre1 and add -9999 (SVN) ebuild.Aaron Mavrinac2009-09-034-3/+64
* Added 2 patches to media-libs/opencv to fix libtool errors.Aaron Mavrinac2009-08-315-3/+48
* Initial import of dev-python/ctypes-opencv ebuild.Aaron Mavrinac2009-06-303-13/+9
* Add Martin Dale's stereo rectification patch to media-libs/opencv.Aaron Mavrinac2009-01-093-1/+44
* Initial import of media-libs/opencv ebuild.Aaron Mavrinac2008-12-124-0/+110