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* Major cleanup of overlay. Keep only maintained packages, and update manifests.Aaron Mavrinac2011-12-051-0/+2
* Specify EAPI for x11-misc/tinybat.Aaron Mavrinac2011-09-013-4/+2
* Remove changelogs and metadata, make life easier.Aaron Mavrinac2011-01-132-30/+0
* Update x11-misc/tinybat to use PYTHON_DEPEND.Aaron Mavrinac2010-08-174-5/+8
* Version bump x11-misc/tinybat to 0.2.0.Aaron Mavrinac2010-03-033-3/+8
* Add Git version of x11-misc/tinybat.Aaron Mavrinac2010-03-024-4/+34
* Initial import of x11-misc/tinybat ebuild.Aaron Mavrinac2010-02-284-0/+46