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* move to EAPI 7 for bug 784347Paul Healy2021-04-202-5/+5
* revbump lms.elPaul Healy2019-11-122-0/+54
* revbump app-emacs/lmsPaul Healy2018-12-192-0/+48
* revbump app-emacs/lms (note opt helm dep)Paul Healy2018-12-122-0/+48
* revbump app-emacs/lmsPaul Healy2018-12-112-0/+48
* revbump app-emacs/lmsPaul Healy2018-12-102-0/+48
* revbump app-emacs/lmsPaul Healy2018-11-262-0/+48
* revbump app-emacs/lmsPaul Healy2018-11-242-2/+50
* add ebuild for docker-trampPaul Healy2018-11-222-0/+24
* add ebuild for dockerfile-modePaul Healy2018-11-172-0/+25
* add some suggestions for editingPaul Healy2018-08-062-2/+14
* package up lsl-modePaul Healy2018-08-062-0/+30
* add missing doc install stepsPaul Healy2017-10-222-1/+16
* add ebuild for lms.elPaul Healy2017-08-062-0/+33
* update manifestsPaul Healy2015-04-041-1/+1
* do keyword, restrict=mirror, license pass over the ebuilds; add pointer to ov...Paul Healy2015-04-031-1/+1
* remove the explicit src uriPaul Healy2015-03-182-2/+1
* add brief mode ebuildPaul Healy2015-03-182-0/+26