Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* add ebuild for ha-bridgePaul Healy2017-12-276-0/+148
* add ebuild for dropbox uploaderPaul Healy2017-12-172-0/+28
* add new version of cmcPaul Healy2017-04-013-4/+34
* add ebuild for bitpocketPaul Healy2017-03-182-0/+26
* add live ebuild for the Amadeus NTP-ProxyPaul Healy2017-01-094-0/+60
* bump versionPaul Healy2015-10-052-0/+51
* add missing rPaul Healy2015-10-022-2/+2
* install the man pagePaul Healy2015-10-022-1/+7
* add ebuild for kafkacatPaul Healy2015-10-012-0/+31
* add ebuild for librdkafkaPaul Healy2015-10-012-0/+35
* add ebuild for kafkaPaul Healy2015-09-084-0/+94
* add ebuild for ControlMaster Controller - cmcPaul Healy2015-07-272-0/+31