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conf.d/  2411  9 years  vapier  be a bit more friendly in the upgrade path by not making the default behavior re…
env.d/  1298  11 years  azarah  Branch baselayout-1.12.
modules.autoload.d/  1835  10 years  uberlord   Fix quoting in iwconfig, #119629. Fix process pid selection in rc-daemon…
modules.d/  2425  9 years  uberlord  Stop providing the NVidia alias, #158099.
filesystems  1774  10 years  vapier  fix typo as pointed out by Johannes Bornhold #116734
fstab  2215  10 years  vapier  Change the default cdrom fstab entry to use the udev/old name /dev/cdrom and set…
group  2072  10 years  uberlord  Restore the man user/group, #133298 thanks to Chris Gianelloni.
hosts  2235  10 years  uberlord  Whitespace
inputrc  2159  10 years  vapier  add bindings for konsole word skipping alt+arrow keys
issue  1298  11 years  azarah  Branch baselayout-1.12.
issue.devfix  1298  11 years  azarah  Branch baselayout-1.12.
issue.logo  1298  11 years  azarah  Branch baselayout-1.12.
networks  1298  11 years  azarah  Branch baselayout-1.12.
passwd  2072  10 years  uberlord  Restore the man user/group, #133298 thanks to Chris Gianelloni.
profile  1772  10 years  vapier  backout previous "fix" for #116232
protocols  1298  11 years  azarah  Branch baselayout-1.12.
rc.conf  2360  9 years  vapier  add a new note about the home of DISPLAYMANAGER #154003
services  1851  10 years  vapier  add krb5_prop as an alias to tell (port 754) #121277 by Andrej Filipcic
shadow  1864  10 years  vapier  remove ftp/man shadow entries as well
shells  2519  9 years  vapier  Add /bin/fish to /etc/shells #162673 by Donnie Berkholz.
sysctl.conf  1937  10 years  vapier  Add note to sysctl.conf about needing nfsd for fs.nfs.* to work #66575.

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