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Fri Sep 2 07:49:48 2005 UTC (12 years, 4 months ago) by azarah
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Split the enviroment whitelist for runscript into a system and user part.
Update it to use LIBDIR so that we can set 'lib' or 'lib64'.

1 # /etc/conf.d/env_whitelist: Environment whitelist for rc-system
3 # Specify which variables is allowed to be passed from the environment to the
4 # rc-system. If it is not set by the environment, then the variable will be
5 # taken from /etc/profile.env - meaning, if you need to set LANG or such,
6 # do it in a /etc/env.d/00myownstuff file for example, and run env-update.
8 # User controlled

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