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Thu Apr 5 11:18:42 2007 UTC (9 years, 3 months ago) by uberlord
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    Rewrite the core parts in C. We now provide librc so other programs can
    query runlevels, services and state without using bash. We also provide
    libeinfo so other programs can easily use our informational functions.

    As such, we have dropped the requirement of using bash as the init script
    shell. We now use /bin/sh and have strived to make the scripts as portable
    as possible. Shells that work are bash and dash. busybox works provided
    you disable s-s-d. If you have WIPE_TMP set to yes in conf.d/bootmisc you
    should disable find too.
    zsh and ksh do not work at this time.

    Networking support is currently being re-vamped also as it was heavily bash
    array based. As such, a new config format is available like so
    or like so
    config_eth0="' netmask' ' netmask'"

    We will still support the old bash array format provided that /bin/sh IS
    a link it bash.

    ChangeLog for baselayout-1 can be found in our SVN repo.
1 # /etc/conf.d/localmount
3 # Kernel core dump options for FreeBSD kernel.
4 # Unless you're a FreeBSD kernel developer or driver writer then this won't
5 # be of any interest to you at all.
7 # The following options allow to configure the kernel's core dump
8 # facilities. Please read
9 # http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/developers-handbook/kerneldebug.html
10 # for more information about Kernel core dumps and kernel debugging.
12 # KERNEL_DUMP_DEVICE variable is used to specify which device will be
13 # used by the kernel to write the dump down. This has to be a swap
14 # partition, and has to be at least big enough to contain the whole
15 # physical memory (see hw.physmem sysctl(8) variable).
16 # When the variable is commented out, no core dump will be enabled for
17 # the kernel.
18 #KERNEL_DUMP_DEVICE="/dev/ad0s1b"
20 # KERNEL_DUMP_DIR variable is used to tell savecore(8) utility where
21 # to save the kernel core dump once it's restored from the dump
22 # device. If unset, /var/crash will be used, as the default of
23 # FreeBSD.
24 #KERNEL_DUMP_DIR="/var/crash"
26 # KERNEL_DUMP_COMPRESS variable decide whether to compress with
27 # gzip(1) the dump or leave it of its original size (the size of the
28 # physical memory present on the system). If set to yes, the -z option
29 # will be passed to savecore(8) that will proceed on compressing the
30 # dump.

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