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conf.d/  1470  12 years  azarah  Add warning about having LANG in env_whitelist, add TERM to system env_whitelist…
env.d/  1228  12 years  vapier  strip out cvs $Header stuff
modules.autoload.d/  1228  12 years  vapier  strip out cvs $Header stuff
modules.d/  373  14 years  robbat2  remove lockfile
filesystems  1228  12 years  vapier  strip out cvs $Header stuff
fstab  1417  12 years  vapier  add a note about using pass numbers for root #95846
group  1479  12 years  vapier  move at user/group to the at package
hosts  1392  12 years  vapier  Add a lot more documentation to /etc/hosts from FreeBSDs standard hosts file #10…
inittab  1228  12 years  vapier  strip out cvs $Header stuff
inputrc  1228  12 years  vapier  strip out cvs $Header stuff
issue  384  14 years  azarah  fix issue for O agetty option; new release
issue.devfix  1278  12 years  vapier  tell users that they have to replace the issue file in order to get rid of the w…
issue.logo  384  14 years  azarah  fix issue for O agetty option; new release
networks  1228  12 years  vapier  strip out cvs $Header stuff
passwd  1479  12 years  vapier  move at user/group to the at package
profile  1228  12 years  vapier  strip out cvs $Header stuff
protocols  1228  12 years  vapier  strip out cvs $Header stuff
rc.conf  1228  12 years  vapier  strip out cvs $Header stuff
services  1416  12 years  vapier  rquotad is supposed to be an alias for port 4003 not 4002
shadow  496  13 years  agriffis  Fix bug 50246: Give root an invalid password ("*" in /etc/shadow) in the default…
shells  1228  12 years  vapier  strip out cvs $Header stuff
sysctl.conf  1228  12 years  vapier  strip out cvs $Header stuff

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