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25 25
26ebegin "Mounting linprocfs at /proc" 26ebegin "Mounting linprocfs at /proc"
27try mount -t linprocfs none /proc 27try mount -t linprocfs none /proc
28eend $? 28eend $?
29 29
30# Swap needs to be activated *after* devfs has been mounted and *after*
31# devfsd has been started, so that the fstab can be properly parsed
32# and only if the server/Gentoo box is initialized ...
33ebegin "Activating (possible) swap"
34/sbin/swapon -a
35eend 0
37source "${svclib}"/sh/init-common-post.sh 30source "${svclib}"/sh/init-common-post.sh
38 31
40# vim:ts=4 32# vim:ts=4

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