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app-admin/  560  9 years  flameeyes  Added app-admin/gamin-0.1.2 to fbsd overlay for us having a working version. (Ma…
dev-lang/  438  9 years  flameeyes  Make python-2.4 really compile st_flags support.
dev-libs/  544  9 years  flameeyes  Manifest recommit.
dev-python/  420  9 years  flameeyes  Use mirror://freebsd for py-frebsd package.
eclass/  509  9 years  flameeyes  Splitted mk stuff from freebsd-related vars.
media-libs/  456  9 years  flameeyes  giflib in portage works and it's more up to date.
net-analyzer/  546  9 years  flameeyes  Manifest recommit.
net-fs/  539  9 years  flameeyes  Manifest recommit.
profiles/  558  9 years  spb  and openssh
sys-apps/  556  9 years  flameeyes  Don't install make.conf.5 manpage (it's for ports), close #99129. Fix missing SL…
sys-boot/  528  9 years  flameeyes  Manifest recommit.
sys-devel/  548  9 years  flameeyes  Manifest recommit.
sys-kernel/  553  9 years  spb  nostrip please
sys-libs/  536  9 years  flameeyes  Manifest recommit.
skel.ChangeLog  51  10 years  ka0ttic  Added to make echangelog happy when a ChangeLog doesn't already exist.

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