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app-arch/  721  12 years  flameeyes  Updated to -r4. (Manifest Recommit)
app-text/  664  12 years  flameeyes  Added scrollkeeper with working NLS support as per bug #103386. (Manifest Recomm…
dev-libs/  698  12 years  flameeyes  Added patch for glib 2.8.1. (Manifest Recommit)
dev-python/  714  12 years  flameeyes  Fix for sys-freebsd move. (Manifest Recommit)
eclass/  675  12 years  flameeyes  Export CC, CXX and LD to be sure that it works as intended.
gnome-extra/  703  12 years  flameeyes  Removed gcalctool that is fixed in main tree.
media-libs/  719  12 years  flameeyes  Removed freetype. The -r5 was bad as it was masking the fixes in normal -r4. The…
media-plugins/  672  12 years  flameeyes  Added gst-plugins-ffmpeg fixed for G/FBSD as per bug #103529. (Manifest Recommit…
media-video/  723  12 years  flameeyes  Added nvidia-settings with different dependencies depending on kernel. (Manifest…
net-analyzer/  546  12 years  flameeyes  Manifest recommit.
net-fs/  539  12 years  flameeyes  Manifest recommit.
net-ftp/  727  12 years  flameeyes  Added ftpbase with egethome workaround for FreeBSD and Darwin. (Manifest Recommi…
profiles/  707  12 years  flameeyes  As mpg123 seems to have troubles, better default to mpg321 that seems also safer…
scripts/  730  12 years  flameeyes  Fixed typo on name of fbsd's baselayout package.
sys-apps/  706  12 years  flameeyes  Bump for userland-gnu that includes net-misc/whois dependency. (Manifest Recommi…
sys-devel/  701  12 years  flameeyes  Removed stray patch.
sys-freebsd/  729  12 years  flameeyes  Removed stray epatch lines that broke the ebuild. (Manifest Recommit)
sys-fs/  666  12 years  flameeyes  Added e2fsprogs that installs on G/FBSD. See bug #103388. (Manifest Recommit)
sys-libs/  714  12 years  flameeyes  Fix for sys-freebsd move. (Manifest Recommit)
x11-base/  633  12 years  flameeyes  Added xorg-x11 with patch in bug #102415. (Manifest Recommit)
skel.ChangeLog  51  13 years  ka0ttic  Added to make echangelog happy when a ChangeLog doesn't already exist.

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