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aspell-dict.eclass  1.18  16 years  msterret  use newdepend instead of DEPEND=
base.eclass  1.23  17 years  danarmak  needed support for new kde 3.1.1a stuff. shouldn't touch anything else.
ccc.eclass  1.11  16 years  taviso  newdepend
common-lisp.eclass  1.3  16 years  george  fixed DEPEND= definition
commonbox.eclass  1.24  16 years  seemant  handle overrides for configure options
crosscompile.eclass  1.5  16 years  tester  Adding amd64/x86_64 to a few eclasses
cvs.eclass  1.45  16 years  vapier  add einfo
db4-fix.eclass  1.2  17 years  pauldv  Make the fixing a bit more tollerant, should allow cyrus-sasl to build with db4 …
debug.eclass  1.18  17 years  vapier  header fixes
distutils.eclass  1.12  17 years  liquidx  Add comments and tkinter function. also deprecating mydoc in favour of DOCS. Bot…
ebook.eclass  1.12  16 years  msterret  use newdepend instead of RDEPEND= Note that newdepend should be newrdepend so I…
elisp.eclass  1.6  16 years  george  fixed DEPEND in elisp
enlightenment.eclass  1.1  17 years  vapier  eclass for dr17 pkgs
eutils.eclass  1.46  16 years  vapier  support makeself archives that arent gzipped
flag-o-matic.eclass  1.24  16 years  aliz  added filter-mfpmath function
freedict.eclass  1.4  16 years  msterret  use newdepend instead of DEPEND=
games-q3mod.eclass  1.9  16 years  vapier  q3ded-<MOD> -> q3<MOD>-ded
games.eclass  1.45  16 years  wolf31o2  Updated games_ut_unpack function - needs testing on original UT
gcc.eclass  1.14  17 years  vapier  visual touchups
gnat.eclass  1.1  16 years  george  added gnat.eclass that defines some stuff common to gnat-based ada packages
gnome.org.eclass  1.4  17 years  vapier  header fixes
gnome2.eclass  1.34  17 years  liquidx  remove scrollkeeper-update's completely in omf_fix. it should solve ALOT of the …
gnuconfig.eclass  1.12  16 years  msterret  use newdepend instead of DEPEND=
gnustep.eclass  1.4  16 years  brain  Little fix
gst-plugins.eclass  1.1  17 years  foser  experimental eclass for gstreamer plugins
gtk-engines.eclass  1.24  16 years  tester  Adding amd64/x86_64 to a few eclasses
gtk-engines2.eclass  1.4  16 years  liquidx  well, lets uncomplicate things a little more
inherit.eclass  1.20  17 years  vapier  header fixes
ion.eclass  1.3  16 years  vapier  really repoman it
jakarta-commons.eclass  1.5  17 years  absinthe  Fixed to use java-pkg_dojar()
java-pkg.eclass  1.4  17 years  absinthe  Added doclass and dozip placeholders.
java.eclass  1.12  17 years  tberman  woops
kde-base.eclass  1.23  17 years  danarmak  I'm cleaning up the kde eclasses. It is a gradual process so that i can commit i…
kde-dist.eclass  1.41  17 years  vapier  spell fixes
kde-functions.eclass  1.59  17 years  danarmak  predict accesses to QTDIR/etc/settings for the sandbox to make sure there are no…
kde-i18n.eclass  1.45  16 years  danarmak  support for the new kde-i18n live cvs ebuilds. shouldn't affect anything else in…
kde-pre.eclass  1.7  17 years  danarmak  I'm cleaning up the kde eclasses. It is a gradual process so that i can commit i…
kde-source.eclass  1.18  16 years  danarmak  i finally understood why $S was sometimes getting the wrong value (eg of $WORKDI…
kde.eclass  1.79  16 years  gmsoft  Added support for hppa in kde.eclass
kde.org.eclass  1.29  17 years  danarmak  I'm cleaning up the kde eclasses. It is a gradual process so that i can commit i…
kernel.eclass  1.29  16 years  lostlogic  Few changes to vars and stuff for 2.6 and forward support
kmod.eclass  1.9  17 years  lostlogic  use mirror://gentoo
koffice-i18n.eclass  1.22  17 years  vapier  unfix earlier fixes
latex-package.eclass  1.14  17 years  satai   Changed a couple references to app-text packages.
libtool.eclass  1.23  17 years  azarah  Add patch for libtool-1.4.3 and autoconf-2.13 that cannot find sed
makeedit.eclass  1.5  17 years  vapier  header fixes
mono.eclass  1.1  17 years  foser  New eclass for mono using packs
mount-boot.eclass  1.8  17 years  vapier  header fixes
nsplugins.eclass  1.13  17 years  vapier  msg fix #22799
perl-module.eclass  16 years  avenj  Updated for new perl
perl-post.eclass  1.12  17 years  mcummings  recommitting until the cached ebuilds that point here are gone
php-ext.eclass  1.3  16 years  coredumb  Applied patch by stuart@gnqs.org to conform to the new php.ini files scheme that…
php.eclass  1.68  16 years  robbat2  security improvment, disable URL fopen by default
rpm.eclass  1.7  17 years  liquidx  revised to handle the possibility of bzip2'ed rpms
sgml-catalog.eclass  1.6  17 years  foser  Make it dep on app-text/sgml-common instead of just sgml-common (#19131)
stardict.eclass  1.1  17 years  liquidx  helper eclass for stardict dictionaries. look how simple they are now :)
vim.eclass  1.32  16 years  msterret  use newdepend instead of DEPEND=
virtualx.eclass  1.14  17 years  jje  Added version for econf.
xemacs-packages.eclass  1.6  16 years  msterret  use newdepend instead of DEPEND=
xfree.eclass  1.4  16 years  seemant  typo fix
zproduct.eclass  1.7  17 years  kutsuya  Removed dottxt_protect(), dottxt_unprotect(), and $DOTTXT_PROTECT. Rewrote do_do…

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