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latex-package.eclass  1.11  16 years  satai   Fixed some minor woes that cropped up during a new package addition...
sgml-catalog.eclass  1.3  15 years  satai   Keep /etc/env.d/93sgmltools-lite up to date, and also /etc/env.d/sgml.env. Move…
flag-o-matic.eclass  1.11  15 years  cretin  Allow -g in strip-flags
cvs.eclass  1.30  15 years  cretin  Fixed pserver non-anonymous logins
gtk-engines.eclass  1.15  15 years  spider  Fixed the crux SRC_URI to work on the new gnome ftp scheme
java.eclass  1.7  15 years  strider  Fixes bug #11466
gnuconfig.eclass  1.3  16 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
base.eclass  1.18  16 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
autotools.eclass  1.6  16 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
distutils.eclass  1.4  16 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
virtualx.eclass  1.9  16 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
ebook.eclass  1.8  16 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
kde-pre.eclass  1.3  16 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
kde-base.eclass  1.18  16 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
kmod.eclass  1.5  16 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
kde-source.eclass  1.12  16 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
inherit.eclass  1.19  16 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
kde-patch.eclass  1.4  16 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
perl-post.eclass  1.9  16 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
commonbox.eclass  1.14  15 years  mkeadle  Minor update to commonbox.eclass
debug.eclass  1.17  16 years  danarmak  add INHERITED variable to all eclasses. this keeps track of what eclasses were i…
gcc.eclass  1.8  16 years  azarah  add gcc2_flags()
eutils.eclass  1.12  15 years  azarah  dont depend on patch during bootstrap
mount-boot.eclass  1.6  16 years  woodchip  fix for #10471
libtool.eclass  1.19  15 years  azarah  fix if ltmain.sh in CONFIG dir
xemacs-packages.eclass  1.3  15 years  rendhalver  fixing KEYWORDS
elisp.eclass  1.1  16 years  mkennedy  initial
kde-functions.eclass  1.50  15 years  hannes  kde-3.1_rc6 changes
kde.org.eclass  1.25  15 years  hannes  kde-3.1_rc6 changes
kde-dist.eclass  1.33  15 years  hannes  kde-3.1_rc6 changes
nsplugins.eclass  1.7  15 years  azarah  keepdir the nsplugins dir to keep it from unmerging
kde-i18n.eclass  1.39  15 years  hannes  marked 3.1_* i18n packages as ~x86 ~ppc
kde.eclass  1.67  15 years  danarmak  move the autotools deps from set-kdedir to need-kde (whyever were they in set-kd…
vim.eclass  1.4  15 years  rphillips  moved patch file into vim ebuilds... this is to allow for package versioning and…
perl-module.eclass  1.32  16 years  mcummings  reinstated extutils makemaker dep. between this and the profile dep we should ha…
kernel.eclass  1.14  15 years  lostlogic  remove slot
games.eclass  1.20  15 years  vapier  removed ${PN} from install
aspell-dict.eclass  1.8  15 years  jmorgan  removed sparc64 from aspell-dict.eclass
makeedit.eclass  1.4  16 years  azarah  small fixor
gnome.org.eclass  1.3  16 years  azarah  support diff suffix in gnojme.org eclass
koffice-i18n.eclass  1.19  15 years  hannes  support for koffice-i18n-*-1.2.1 small fixes (like SRC_URI contains now mirror:/…
gnome2.eclass  1.26  16 years  spider  whitespace fix

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