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Fri Nov 12 03:53:38 2004 UTC (15 years, 3 months ago) by fafhrd
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.7: +3 -3 lines
Mass Update: gnustep.eclass revamped to allow configurable root install; gnustep-base/libs/apps updated to utilize new gnustep.eclass (only versions bumped where files would change); some KEYWORDS were accidentally dropped between version bumps of packages -- this has been resolved; windowmaker correctly supports gnustep now; gnustep-funcs.eclass added -- used where info on an installed gnustep-env is needed rather than making a full GNUstep application (Manifest recommit)

1 MD5 bce4e26e9ef16f5c4a4734eafdcf119b gridlock-1.9-r1.ebuild 854
2 MD5 7d269afe7456939217a5ad3cc69f5f83 gridlock-1.9.ebuild 816
3 MD5 824bdf769fe219ec6b423992d820999b ChangeLog 1816
4 MD5 b18e9974948edfd39ccec88acfcea333 metadata.xml 418
5 MD5 f07903e65a83b0f4d5f1f38b00acb63e files/digest-gridlock-1.9-r1 72
6 MD5 f07903e65a83b0f4d5f1f38b00acb63e files/digest-gridlock-1.9 72

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