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4 1.This Software copyright © Australian Synchrotron Research Program
5 Inc, ("ASRP").
7 2.Subject to ensuring that this copyright notice and licence terms
8 appear on all copies and all modified versions, of PyCIFRW computer
9 code ("this Software"), a royalty-free non-exclusive licence is hereby
10 given (i) to use, copy and modify this Software including the use of
11 reasonable portions of it in other software and (ii) to publish,
12 bundle and otherwise re-distribute this Software or modified versions
13 of this Software to third parties, provided that this copyright notice
14 and terms are clearly shown as applying to all parts of software
15 derived from this Software on each occasion it is published, bundled
16 or re-distributed. You are encouraged to communicate useful
17 modifications to ASRP for inclusion for future versions.
19 3.No part of this Software may be sold as a standalone package.
21 4.If any part of this Software is bundled with Software that is sold,
22 a free copy of the relevant version of this Software must be made
23 available through the same distribution channel (be that web server,
24 tape, CD or otherwise).
26 5.It is a term of exercise of any of the above royalty free licence
27 rights that ASRP gives no warranty, undertaking or representation
28 whatsoever whether express or implied by statute, common law, custom
29 or otherwise, in respect of this Software or any part of it. Without
30 limiting the generality of the preceding sentence, ASRP will not be
31 liable for any injury, loss or damage (including consequential loss or
32 damage) or other loss, loss of profits, costs, charges or expenses
33 however caused which may be suffered, incurred or arise directly or
34 indirectly in respect of this Software.
36 6. This software is not licensed for use in medical applications.

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