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Wed Oct 3 12:13:58 2012 UTC (7 years, 3 months ago) by ulm
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Add TeX-other-free license for TeX Live, bug 436698.

1 ulm 1.1 The TeX Catalogue License Definitions: OTHER-FREE
2     Licenses not clearly (or uniquely) defined, but believed free.
4     This license statement is used in two distinct circumstances. Either
5     the software is covered by a license that does not fit into any of the
6     "formally" specified categories, but the CTAN catalogue team judges it
7     usable by most users. Otherwise, the software consists of distinct
8     parts to which different (free) licenses apply.
10     While use is probably safe, each potential user should check the
11     software's license statement (or statements) before using the software.

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