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1 GAMESS User License Agreement
3 All GAMESS requestors MUST agree to the following license
4 aggrement which covers all versions of GAMESS (source code,
5 and binaries for Windows, Macintosh and ChemOffice).
6 With regard to the ab initio quantum chemistry code GAMESS,
7 together with its associated graphics and utility programs,
8 with which you have supplied me a copy, I agree to the following
9 conditions:
11 1. I will not supply a copy of the code to anyone outside my
12 institution or corporation for any reason whatsoever. Instead,
13 I will refer any requests for copies of the program to you at
14 ISUQCG. This in no way limits my making of copies of the code
15 for backup purposes, or for running on more than one computer
16 system at my institution or home.
18 2. I understand that copyright or ownership rights to GAMESS
19 are retained by ISUQCG and contributors to the GAMESS package.
20 I will not incorporate any part of GAMESS into any other program
21 system, either for sale or for non-profit distribution, without
22 written permission from ISUQCG,
24 3. I understand that no large program such as GAMESS can be
25 considered to be bug free, and accordingly the ISUQCG supplies
26 the GAMESS software on an "as is" basis, with no additional
27 responsibility or liability,
29 4. If results obtained with GAMESS are published in the
30 scientific literature, I will reference the program from the
31 article M.W.Schmidt, K.K.Baldridge, J.A.Boatz, S.T.Elbert,
32 M.S.Gordon, J.H.Jensen, S.Koseki, N.Matsunaga, K.A.Nguyen,
33 S.J.Su, T.L.Windus, M.Dupuis, J.A.Montgomery
34 J. Comput. Chem. 14, 1347-1363 (1993). Using specific methods
35 included in GAMESS may require citing additional articles,
36 as described in the manual. I agree to honor the request to
37 cite additional papers, as appropriate.
39 5. This license is considered a "Research Group" license.
40 Thus anyone directly associated with your research group is
41 covered by the license and may share your copy of GAMESS on
42 all of your group's computer resources.

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