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License file required by media-fonts/ja-ipafonts.

1 This document must be used as reference. Please consult
2 /usr/share/doc/ja-ipafonts-[version]/license-ipafonts.eucjp.gz.
4 --
6 Terms of redistribution of IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency,
7 Japan) fonts
9 "GRASS Japan web site" (http://www.grass-japan.org/FOSS4G/) administrator
10 Orkney Inc., Japan
12 Redistribution of IPA fonts (hereinafter referred to as the "fonts"),
13 which is delivered or distributed by "GRASS Japan web site"
14 (http://www.grass-japan.org/FOSS4G/) administrator and Orkney Inc.,
15 provided as a part of GRASS GIS / MapServer / PostGIS (hereinafter
16 referred to as the "software"), achievements of "Open Source GIS Platform
17 Development" (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan, Open
18 Software Utilization Infrastructure Improvement Program, 2003) is
19 permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
21 1) Redistribution of Fonts is allowed only when users bundle the fonts
22 to redistributed software and attach this document.
23 2) When redistributing, users must express that the fonts being
24 redistributed is IPA fonts clearly.
25 3) 1) and 2) also apply to modified IPA fonts or derivatives.
26 4) "GRASS Japan web site" administrator, Orkney Inc., and
27 Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan are not liable for
28 any problem caused by the fonts.

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