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Fri Jul 8 06:55:01 2005 UTC (12 years, 9 months ago) by spyderous
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License for sci-chemistry/mopac7.

1 The original copyright notice of MOPAC7:
3 C
4 C Notice of Public Domain nature of MOPAC
5 C
6 C 'This computer program is a work of the United States
7 C Government and as such is not subject to protection by
8 C copyright (17 U.S.C. # 105.) Any person who fraudulently
9 C places a copyright notice or does any other act contrary
10 C to the provisions of 17 U.S. Code 506(c) shall be subject
11 C to the penalties provided therein. This notice shall not
12 C be altered or removed from this software and is to be on
13 C all reproductions.'
14 C
16 Changes made to MOPAC7 code in this work may be used/distributed under the
17 same rules as the original MOPAC7 package; this work is in Public Domain.

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