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1 strider 1.1
3     LICENSE for Ringtonetools
5     You may NOT use this in any kind of commercial environment
6     without permission of the author (Michael Kohn).
8     You may NOT use any part of the code for another project
9     either commerical or open without permission of the
10     author.
12     You are free to distribute this program unmodified with
13     any compilation cd or operating system distribution
14     (this includes the Linux operating systems, FreeBSD,
15     Solaris, or whoever wants to distribute it). You may
16     also distribute this on your own website.
18     Really the reason for this license is I don't think it's
19     fair for someone to make a truck load of money off this
20     program without compensating me with at least a small donation
21     for the hours I put into this program. Be nice and if you
22     want to make money on this just make a small donation to me.
24     :)
26     For the rest of you.. FREE RINGTONES FOR ALL!

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