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abi_mips.desc  1.2  20 months  mattst88  Add ABI descriptions.
abi_ppc.desc  1.1  12 months  vapier  Document ABI_PPC.
abi_s390.desc  1.1  12 months  vapier  Document ABI_S390.
abi_x86.desc  1.2  2 years  mgorny  Describe x32 ABI flag.
alsa_cards.desc  1.9  23 months  ssuominen  New alsa_cards_ca0132 description for the alsa-firmware-1.0.27 release.
apache2_modules.desc  1.4  4 years  robbat2  Bug #347227: add in mod_reqtimeout (for use on Gentoo Infra). Also add mod_proxy…
apache2_mpms.desc  1.1  7 years  hollow  Add APACHE2_MODULES and APACHE2_MPMS to USE_EXPAND
calligra_features.desc  1.5  23 months  scarabeus  Add author to calligra descs.
cameras.desc  1.9  16 months  pacho  Add new description
cpu_flags_x86.desc  1.4  2 months  mgorny  Fix USE=mmxext description. Thanks to Doug Freed for figuring out what it actual…
crosscompile_opts.desc  1.1  8 years  kugelfang  Added description for CROSSCOMPILE_OPTS USE_EXPAND environment variable.
curl_ssl.desc  1.4  8 months  blueness  Remove cyassl package and use flag, bug #495848
dracut_modules.desc  1.9  18 months  aidecoe  Added dash use expand to dracut_modules.
dvb_cards.desc  1.9  5 years  billie  Update dvb_cards.desc.
elibc.desc  1.8  5 months  vapier  add mingw as a valid C library #340989 by Dennis Schridde
fftools.desc  1.4  14 months  jer  Spelling.
foo2zjs_devices.desc  1.9  21 months  jer  Fix whitespace.
gpsd_protocols.desc  1.5  4 weeks  vapier  add gpsd_protocols_passthrough
grub_platforms.desc  1.6  9 months  jer  Spelling (bug #512552).
input_devices.desc  1.14  3 weeks  idella4  Addition of roccat_ryostkl to input_devices.desc wrt Bug #541590
kernel.desc  1.6  3 years  grobian  Drop mips-irix, it never reached a state where keywords could be added to the tr…
lcd_devices.desc  1.9  2 years  pacho  Add new lcd_devices.
libreoffice_extensions.desc  1.3  2 years  scarabeus  Fix desc.
linguas.desc  1.85  8 weeks  yngwin  Add sq_AL locale
lirc_devices.desc  1.13  19 months  axs  ChangeLog
monkeyd_plugins.desc  1.1  22 months  blueness  Add MONKEYD_PLUGINS USE_EXPAND; ack by Chainsaw
netbeans_modules.desc  1.5  17 months  fordfrog  updated netbeans_modules.desc
nginx_modules_http.desc  1.21  8 months  dev-zero  Add description for nginx-mogilefs module.
nginx_modules_mail.desc  1.1  5 years  hollow  add descriptions for nginx modules
ofed_drivers.desc  1.3  11 months  alexxy  Add new ib drivers descriptions
office_implementation.desc  1.1  2 years  scarabeus  Add office implementation for next version of office-ext eclass. So the extensio…
openmpi_fabrics.desc  1.1  2 years  alexxy  [profiles] Add use expand for openmpi OPENMPI_
openmpi_ofed_features.desc  1.2  11 months  alexxy  Add udcm desc. And mask cuda on all arches and unmask it for target ones only …
openmpi_rm.desc  1.1  2 years  alexxy  [profiles] Add use expand for openmpi OPENMPI_
php_targets.desc  1.4  14 months  olemarkus  Preparing the php 5.6 target. Preparing the removal of php 5.3
python_single_target.desc  1.11  4 months  mgorny  Describe flags for PyPy3.
python_targets.desc  1.15  4 months  mgorny  Describe flags for PyPy3.
qemu_softmmu_targets.desc  1.7  11 months  vapier  add aarch64 targets
qemu_user_targets.desc  1.6  11 months  vapier  add aarch64 targets
ruby_targets.desc  1.7  3 months  graaff  Document ruby22 RUBY_TARGET.
sane_backends.desc  1.5  2 years  phosphan  Added two more backends here
userland.desc  1.3  6 years  grobian  remove Darwin userland
uwsgi_plugins.desc  1.4  5 months  ultrabug  update uwsgi_plugins.desc
video_cards.desc  1.36  2 months  chithanh  Add video_cards_tegra flag.
vmware_guest.desc  1.1  4 years  vadimk  VMWARE_GUEST USE_EXPAND
voicemail_storage.desc  1.1  2 years  chainsaw  Add VOICEMAIL_STORAGE to USE_EXPAND for net-misc/asterisk; approved by Ian "axs"…
xfce_plugins.desc  1.9  6 months  ssuominen  New description for xfce_plugins_power to replace xfce_plugins_battery and xfce_…
xtables_addons.desc  1.5  21 months  jer  Fix whitespace.

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