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1 # ChangeLog for sys-apps/paxctl
2 # Copyright 2000-2004 Gentoo Technologies, Inc.; Distributed under the GPL v2
3 # $Header: /home/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/sys-apps/paxctl/ChangeLog,v 1.1 2004/02/18 07:58:03 solar Exp $
5 *paxctl-0.2 (18 Feb 2004)
7 18 Feb 2004; <solar@gentoo.org> :
8 This is paxctl for controlling PaX flags on a per binary basis. PaX
9 is an intrusion prevention system that provides the best protection
10 mechanisms against memory corruption bugs. Some applications are not
11 compatible with certain features (due to design or bad engineering)
12 and therefore they have to be exempted from certain enforcements. It
13 is also possible to use PaX in soft mode where none of the protection
14 mechanisms are active by default - here paxctl can be used to turn
15 them on for selected programs (e.g., network daemons, programs that
16 process network data such as mail clients, web browsers, etc).
18 PaX and paxctl work on ELF executables, both of the standard ET_EXEC
19 and the newer ET_DYN kind (older PaX releases referred to the latter
20 as ET_DYN executables, these days they are called Position Independent
21 Executables or PIEs for short).

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