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Wed Feb 18 07:58:03 2004 UTC (14 years, 4 months ago) by solar
Branch: MAIN
This is paxctl for controlling PaX flags on a per binary basis. PaX
is an intrusion prevention system that provides the best protection
mechanisms against memory corruption bugs. Some applications are not
compatible with certain features (due to design or bad engineering)
and therefore they have to be exempted from certain enforcements. It
is also possible to use PaX in soft mode where none of the protection
mechanisms are active by default - here paxctl can be used to turn
them on for selected programs (e.g., network daemons, programs that
process network data such as mail clients, web browsers, etc).

PaX and paxctl work on ELF executables, both of the standard ET_EXEC
and the newer ET_DYN kind (older PaX releases referred to the latter
as ET_DYN executables, these days they are called Position Independent
Executables or PIEs for short).

1 MD5 b1708e26e77ec9211c80121ea133870a paxctl-0.2.ebuild 704
2 MD5 9a09f8d531c582e78977dbfd96edc1f2 metadata.xml 164
3 MD5 e49b8ea4699fedff7e6626e81ebfc4c8 ChangeLog 262
4 MD5 7cd8adc34a7c0e7b400dcd24793ff4cf files/digest-paxctl-0.2 60

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