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ChangeLog (dead)  1.17  15 years  johnm  remove pac-sources
Manifest (dead)  1.26  15 years  johnm  remove pac-sources
metadata.xml (dead)  1.2  15 years  johnm  remove pac-sources
pac-sources-2.4.23-r1.ebuild (dead)  1.2  15 years  plasmaroo  Added patches to address the security vulnerabilities in bugs #37292 and #37317.…
pac-sources-2.4.23-r10.ebuild (dead)  1.2  15 years  plasmaroo  Version bump for CAN-2004-0685, bug #59769.
pac-sources-2.4.23-r11.ebuild (dead)  1.2  15 years  plasmaroo  Version bump for the /proc/cmdline leak vulnerability; bug #59905.
pac-sources-2.4.23-r12.ebuild (dead)  1.2  15 years  plasmaroo  Added a fix for the kNFSd security vulnerability, bug #62524 and the CAN-2004-08…
pac-sources-2.4.23-r13.ebuild (dead)  1.2  15 years  johnm  remove pac-sources
pac-sources-2.4.23-r2.ebuild (dead)  1.3  15 years  plasmaroo  Added the patch for the mremap/munmap vulnerability. Bug #42024.
pac-sources-2.4.23-r3.ebuild (dead)  1.3  15 years  plasmaroo  Version bump for the CAN-2004-0109 issue; bug #47881.
pac-sources-2.4.23-r4.ebuild (dead)  1.3  15 years  plasmaroo  Added patches for the CAN-2004-0010, CAN-2004-0177 and CAN-2004-0178 vulnerabili…
pac-sources-2.4.23-r5.ebuild (dead)  1.3  15 years  plasmaroo  Added patches for the CAN-2004-0075, CAN-2004-0133, CAN-2004-0181, CAN-2004-0394…
pac-sources-2.4.23-r6.ebuild (dead)  1.2  15 years  plasmaroo  Added a patch for the FPU-lockup issue; please see bug #58304 for details.
pac-sources-2.4.23-r7.ebuild (dead)  1.3  15 years  plasmaroo  Security bump for the CAN-2004-0495 and CAN-2004-0535 vulnerabilities.
pac-sources-2.4.23-r8.ebuild (dead)  1.2  15 years  plasmaroo  Version bump for kernel attribute vulnerabilities, bug #56479.
pac-sources-2.4.23-r9.ebuild (dead)  1.3  15 years  plasmaroo  Added a patch for the CAN-2004-0415 vulnerability, bug #59378.

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