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Sat Apr 28 22:43:14 2007 UTC (11 years, 10 months ago) by robbat2
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Initial commit of fortune-gentoo-dev upstream package.

1 The gentoo-dev fortunes collection.
2 ===================================
4 Introduction by Robin H. Johnson <robbat2@gentoo.org> (28 Apr 2007):
5 --------------------------------------------------------------------
6 This build system and version control was finally wrapped around the fortunes,
7 because I inherited maintainership of the package, and didn't want to do things
8 manually in future.
10 I have collated all the past fortune collections that I have available to me,
11 into this new package:
12 gentoo-dev-20030809.gz gentoo-dev-20030903.gz gentoo-dev-20030930.gz
13 gentoo-dev-20031101.gz gentoo-dev-20031122.gz gentoo-dev-20031217.gz
14 gentoo-dev-20040118.gz gentoo-dev-20040210.gz gentoo-dev-20040401.gz
15 gentoo-dev-20040608.gz gentoo-dev-20041019.gz gentoo-dev-20050106.gz
16 gentoo-dev-20050503.gz gentoo-dev-20051222.gz gentoo-dev-20061115.gz
18 I have made minor cleanups, and instigated a seperate 'offensive' category, in
19 the tradition of fortune packages. Over the years, some fortunes were also lost
20 slowly, presumably by accident, and I have restored them here :-).
22 The 'split.pl' script in this distribution was used to split up the original
23 fortunes. It does have a bug in that it might miss the initial fortune in a
24 file.
26 The 'join.pl' script takes the first argument as the name of the fortune file,
27 and all remaining arguments as fortunes to merge in. This will have to be
28 revisited at some point in the future, when we hit the command-line length
29 limit.
31 Placement rules for fortune entries:
32 ------------------------------------
33 - One fortune entry per file!
34 - Fortune entries must have the following filename style:
36 N = overall sequence number
37 Y = four-digit year
38 M = two-digit month
39 D = two-digit day
40 M = subset sequence number
41 - Example of a filename:
42 00415-20061115_00396
43 This is fortune #415, collected 15 November 2006, and it's the 396th fortune
44 in that collection. (If you locate the original gentoo-dev-20061115.gz, you
45 will see that it is in position 396).
46 - Offensive fortunes must go into fortunes-offensive/
47 Exactly what is offensive is a matter of considerable debate, and outside the
48 scope of this README. Please don't argue over them, CVS history is more
49 important than moving a given fortune back and forwards.
50 - For new fortunes, the date used should be approximately when the quote in
51 question was said.
52 - Overall sequence numbers are shared between offensive and regular fortunes.
54 Style rules for fortune entries:
55 --------------------------------
56 - If you wish to insert a note about context, it should be enclosed in square
57 brackets, and start in the first column. Eg: "[On 13th July]"
58 - No spaces or timestamps should be included in front of IRC nicks.
59 - Actions should have no space preceding the '*'.
60 - Please try to keep line lengths in a single fortune consistent.
61 - Please try to keep overall line length for a fortune below 72 characters.
62 - Critical portions of non-gentoo email addresses should be masked out.
63 - Joins preceeded with '-->'. Eg: '--> christle (christel@freenode/staff/gentoo.christel) has joined #gentoo-dev'
64 - Quits preceeded with '<--'. Eg: '<-- mkennedy has quit ("rebooting emacs brb.")'
65 - IRC-commands preceeded with '---'. Eg: '--- seemant is now known as funrolled-loops'

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