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2<!-- $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo/xml/htdocs/doc/en/home-router-howto.xml,v 1.19 2004/08/13 15:14:03 vapier Exp $ --> 2<!-- $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo/xml/htdocs/doc/en/home-router-howto.xml,v 1.20 2004/08/27 00:59:09 vapier Exp $ -->
3<!DOCTYPE guide SYSTEM "/dtd/guide.dtd"> 3<!DOCTYPE guide SYSTEM "/dtd/guide.dtd">
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5<guide link="/doc/en/home-router-howto.xml"> 5<guide link="/doc/en/home-router-howto.xml">
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7<title>Home Router Guide</title> 7<title>Home Router Guide</title>
118<pre caption="Network Options"> 118<pre caption="Network Options">
119<i>Networking options ---&gt;</i> 119<i>Networking options ---&gt;</i>
120<i> [*] TCP/IP networking</i> 120<i> [*] TCP/IP networking</i>
121<i> [*] IP: advanced router</i> 121<i> [*] IP: advanced router</i>
122<i> [*] Network packet filtering (replaces ipchains)</i> 122<i> [*] Network packet filtering (replaces ipchains)</i>
123<comment>If you use 2.4.x, you have to enable the following for DHCP:</comment>
124<i> [*] Socket Filtering</i>
123 125
124<i> IP: Netfilter Configuration ---&gt;</i> 126<i> IP: Netfilter Configuration ---&gt;</i>
125<i> [*] Connection tracking (required for masq/NAT)</i> 127<i> [*] Connection tracking (required for masq/NAT)</i>
126<i> [x] FTP protocol support</i> 128<i> [x] FTP protocol support</i>
127<i> [x] IRC protocol support</i> 129<i> [x] IRC protocol support</i>

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