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1 klieber 1.1 <?xml version='1.0' encoding="UTF-8"?>
2     <!DOCTYPE guide SYSTEM "/dtd/guide.dtd">
4     <guide link="/doc/en/rsync.xml">
5     <title>Gentoo Linux Source Mirrors Policy</title>
6     <author title="Author"><mail link="klieber@gentoo.org">Kurt Lieber</mail></author>
8     <version>1.1</version>
9     <date>17 Feb 2003</date>
11     <chapter>
12     <title>Requirements</title>
13     <section>
14     <title>Minimum Bandwidth</title>
15     <body>
16     <p> To properly host a source mirror you should have a minimum of T1 bandwidth.
17     ADSL and cable connections do not generally make adequate connections for rsync hosts due to their limited upstream performance.</p>
18     </body>
19     </section>
20     <section>
21     <title>Minimum User Count</title>
22     <body>
23     <p>We ask that you support a minimum of 5 and preferrably 10 concurrent user connections.</p>
24     </body>
25     </section>
26     <section>
27     <title>Update Frequency</title>
28     <body>
29     <p>We ask that source mirrors be updated at least 3-4 times throughout the day. At a minimum, source mirrors should be updated once per day.</p>
30     </body>
31     </section>
32     </chapter>
33     <chapter>
34     <title>Implementation details</title>
35     <section>
36     <body>
37     <p>for new source mirror requests, the procedure will be as follows:</p>
38     <p>Someone asks to be a mirror, then we verify that the mirror exists and we can connect to it properly. Then we will contact you and enable your server to connect to <path>rsync1.us.gentoo.org</path>, the master rsync mirror. Then, in the next 48-72 hours we will determine if your mirror is syncing correctly with <path>rsync1.us.gentoo.org</path> and accordingly with this policy.</p>
40     <p>If all steps went smoothly, we will then add you to our list of <uri link="http://www.gentoo.org/main/en/mirrors.xml">download mirrors</uri> on the main web site.</p>
42     <p>Additionally, you, the mirror admin will be added to the gentoo-mirrors mailing list (low traffic) so that you can folllow all issues associated with source mirrors.
43     </p>
44     <note>
45     Thanks for helping out Gentoo Linux users and developers! :) For any mirror administration issues or problems, please contact <mail link="mirror-admin@gentoo.org">mirror-admin@gentoo.org</mail>.
46     </note>
47     </body>
48     </section>
49     </chapter>
50     <chapter>
51     <title>Short FAQ</title>
52     <section>
53     <title>Q: Who should I contact regarding new mirrors or to get my mirror added to the Gentoo web site?</title>
54     <body>
55     <p>A: <mail link="klieber@gentoo.org">klieber@gentoo.org</mail></p>
56     </body>
57     </section>
58     <section>
59     <title>Q: Who should I contact regarding mirror issues and maintenance?</title>
60     <body>
61     <p>A: <mail link="mirror-admin@gentoo.org">mirror-admin@gentoo.org</mail></p>
62     </body>
63     </section>
65     <section>
66     <title>Q) How do I find the mirror nearest to me?</title>
67     <body>
68     <p>A) mirrorselect was designed to do this for you. If you haven't already run <c>emerge mirrorselect</c> then do it.
69     Then run: <c>mirrorselect</c>. An ncurses-based menu will display allowing you to select a mirror close to you.
70     </p>
71     </body>
72     </section>
73     </chapter>
74     </guide>

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