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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
2<!DOCTYPE mainpage SYSTEM "/dtd/guide.dtd"> 2<!DOCTYPE mainpage SYSTEM "/dtd/guide.dtd">
3 3
4<!-- $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo/xml/htdocs/main/en/lists.xml,v 1.82 2006/04/27 07:29:41 lcars Exp $ -->
4<mainpage id="lists"> 6<mainpage id="lists">
5<title>Gentoo Mailing Lists</title> 7<title>Gentoo Mailing Lists</title>
6 8
7<author title="Author"> 9<author title="Author">
8 <mail link="drobbins@gentoo.org">Daniel Robbins</mail> 10 <mail link="lcars@gentoo.org">Andrea Barisani</mail>
9 <mail link="cybersystem@gentoo.org">Sascha Schwabbauer</mail> 11 <mail link="cybersystem@gentoo.org">Sascha Schwabbauer</mail>
10 <mail link="lcars@gentoo.org">Andrea Barisani</mail>
11</author> 12</author>
12 13
15Gentoo public mailing lists
13<version>3.2</version> 18<version>3.3</version>
14<date>2005-09-28</date> 19<date>2006-04-27</date>
15 20
16<chapter> 21<chapter>
17<title>Mailing List Overview</title> 22<title>Mailing List Overview</title>
18<section> 23<section>
19<body> 24<body>
249<tr> 254<tr>
250 <ti><c>gentoo-devrel</c></ti> 255 <ti><c>gentoo-devrel</c></ti>
251 <ti>Gentoo Developer Relations mailing list</ti> 256 <ti>Gentoo Developer Relations mailing list</ti>
252</tr> 257</tr>
253<tr> 258<tr>
259 <ti><c>gentoo-userrel</c></ti>
260 <ti>Gentoo User Relations mailing list</ti>
254 <ti><c>gentoo-council</c></ti> 263 <ti><c>gentoo-council</c></ti>
255 <ti>Gentoo Council mailing list</ti> 264 <ti>Gentoo Council mailing list</ti>
256</tr> 265</tr>
257<tr> 266<tr>
258 <ti><c>gentoo-mirrors</c></ti> 267 <ti><c>gentoo-mirrors</c></ti>
289<tr> 298<tr>
290 <ti><c>gentoo-accessibility</c></ti> 299 <ti><c>gentoo-accessibility</c></ti>
291 <ti>Discussion about the <uri link="/proj/en/desktop/accessibility/">Gentoo Accessibility Project</uri></ti> 300 <ti>Discussion about the <uri link="/proj/en/desktop/accessibility/">Gentoo Accessibility Project</uri></ti>
292</tr> 301</tr>
293<tr> 302<tr>
294 <ti><c>tenshi-announce</c></ti> 303 <ti><c>gentoo-uk</c></ti>
295 <ti>Announcements about the <uri link="/proj/en/infrastructure/tenshi/">Tenshi</uri> project</ti> 304 <ti>Discussion within United Kingdom developers and UK based events organisation</ti>
297<tr> 305</tr>
298 <ti><c>tenshi-user</c></ti> 306<tr>
299 <ti>Discussion about the <uri link="/proj/en/infrastructure/tenshi/">Tenshi</uri> project</ti> 307 <ti><c>gentoo-forum-translations</c></ti>
308 <ti>Gentoo Forums translations list</ti>
311 <ti><c>gentoo-soc</c></ti>
312 <ti>Discussion on Gentoo activities related to Google's Summer of Code</ti>
300</tr> 313</tr>
301</table> 314</table>
302 315
303</body> 316</body>
304</section> 317</section>
356 <ti>German Gentoo Weekly Newsletter</ti> 369 <ti>German Gentoo Weekly Newsletter</ti>
357</tr> 370</tr>
358<tr> 371<tr>
359 <ti><c>gentoo-gwn-es</c></ti> 372 <ti><c>gentoo-gwn-es</c></ti>
360 <ti>Spanish Gentoo Weekly Newsletter</ti> 373 <ti>Spanish Gentoo Weekly Newsletter</ti>
376 <ti><c>gentoo-gwn-fr</c></ti>
377 <ti>French Gentoo Weekly Newsletter</ti>
361</tr> 378</tr>
362<tr> 379<tr>
363 <ti><c>gentoo-gwn-nl</c></ti> 380 <ti><c>gentoo-gwn-nl</c></ti>
364 <ti>Dutch Gentoo Weekly Newsletter</ti> 381 <ti>Dutch Gentoo Weekly Newsletter</ti>
365</tr> 382</tr>
395 <ti>Indonesian Gentoo Documentation Translation List</ti> 412 <ti>Indonesian Gentoo Documentation Translation List</ti>
396</tr> 413</tr>
397<tr> 414<tr>
398 <ti><c>gentoo-docs-it</c></ti> 415 <ti><c>gentoo-docs-it</c></ti>
399 <ti>Italian Gentoo Documentation Translation List</ti> 416 <ti>Italian Gentoo Documentation Translation List</ti>
419 <ti><c>gentoo-doc-lt</c></ti>
420 <ti>Lithuanian Gentoo Documentation Translation List</ti>
400</tr> 421</tr>
401<tr> 422<tr>
402 <ti><c>gentoo-doc-nl</c></ti> 423 <ti><c>gentoo-doc-nl</c></ti>
403 <ti>Dutch Gentoo Documentation Translation List</ti> 424 <ti>Dutch Gentoo Documentation Translation List</ti>
404</tr> 425</tr>

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