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copyright/         (from /)
copyright-assignment/         (from /)
handbook/         (from /)
manager-meetings/         (from /)
meetings/         (from /)
ombudsman/         (from /)
quiz/         (from /)
recruiters/         (from /)
roll-call/         (from /)
staffing-needs/         (from /)
undertakers/         (from /)
user-relations/         (from /)
assignment.txt (dead)  1.3  8 years  vapier  now in the copyright subdir
copyright-assignment.xml (dead)  1.17  8 years  kloeri  Remove all mentions of copyright assignment doc, bug 140286.
devrel-07162003.log  1.1  12 years  brandy  DevRel meeting log for 07/16/2003 added
devrel-07232003.log  1.1  12 years  avenj  Adding meeting log
inactive-devs.xml (dead)  1.3  11 years  spyderous  Moved to roll-call/.
inactive_devs.txt (dead)  1.3  11 years  spyderous  Pulling text form. See inactive-devs.xml.
index.xml  1.107  22 months  hwoarang  Mark devrel page as obsolete
manager-meetings.xml (dead)  1.7  8 years  kloeri  Remove manager meetings.
new-dev-training.xml (dead)  1.18  6 years  nightmorph  Killed new-dev-training.xml per devrel's request on bug 255416. didn't bother wi…
policy.xml  1.22  22 months  hwoarang  Updated policy moved to wiki
project.xml (dead)  1.3  11 years  seemant  new format
test.blah (dead)  1.2  12 years  seemant  blah again9;2~
user-relations.xml (dead)  1.5  11 years  plasmaroo  Removing now-gone user-relations.xml which was moved to user-relations/index.xml…

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