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3<?xml-stylesheet href="/xsl/guide.xsl" type="text/xsl"?> 3<?xml-stylesheet href="/xsl/guide.xsl" type="text/xsl"?>
4<!DOCTYPE project SYSTEM "/dtd/project.dtd"> 4<!DOCTYPE project SYSTEM "/dtd/project.dtd">
5<project> 5<project>
6 <name>glep</name> 6 <name>glep</name>
7 <longname>Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposals</longname> 7 <longname>Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposals</longname>
8 <date>19 Oct 2003</date> 8 <date>2007-04-01</date>
9 <author title="Author">Grant Goodyear</author> 9 <author title="Author">Grant Goodyear</author>
10 <description> 10 <description>
11 The GLEP project manages Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposals. 11 The GLEP project manages Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposals.
12 </description> 12 </description>
13 <longdescription> 13 <longdescription>
14 <note><br/>
15 GLEPs are currently being migrated to the Gentoo Wiki. Check https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:GLEP
16 for the latest versions of the GLEPs. In particular, GLEPs 1, 2, and 48 have been updated since being
17 migrated to the Wiki.
18 </note>
20 <p>
14 <p> The GLEP project solicits, collects, maintains, and shepherds 21 The GLEP project solicits, collects, maintains, and shepherds
15 proposals for substantially enhancing Gentoo Linux. Any user or 22 proposals for substantially enhancing Gentoo Linux. Any user or
16 developer may construct and submit a GLEP for consideration by the 23 developer may construct and submit a GLEP for consideration by the
17 GLEP <mail link="glep@gentoo.org">editors</mail>. Because GLEPs 24 GLEP <mail link="glep@gentoo.org">editors</mail>. Because GLEPs
18 are kept in CVS, GLEPs constitute a permanent record of proposals 25 are kept in CVS, GLEPs constitute a permanent record of proposals
19 designed to enhance Gentoo Linux. 26 designed to enhance Gentoo Linux.
20 </p> 27 </p>
21 <p>
22 For more information, see 28 <p>For more information, see
23 <uri link="http://glep.gentoo.org/glep-0001.html">GLEP 1</uri> 29 <uri link="http://glep.gentoo.org/glep-0001.html">GLEP 1</uri>
24 and 30 and
25 <uri link="http://glep.gentoo.org/glep-0002.html">GLEP 2</uri>. 31 <uri link="http://glep.gentoo.org/glep-0002.html">GLEP 2</uri>.
26 </p>
27 </longdescription> 32 </p></longdescription>
33 <dev role="dev" description="GLEP Editor">creffett</dev>
28 <dev role="lead" description="GLEP Editor">g2boojum</dev> 34 <dev role="dev" description="GLEP Editor">dev-zero</dev>
29 <dev role="GLEP Editor">liquidx</dev>
30 <resource link="http://www.gentoo.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/xml/htdocs/proj/en/glep/?cvsroot=gentoo"> 35 <resource link="http://www.gentoo.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/xml/htdocs/proj/en/glep/?cvsroot=gentoo">
31 Files and tools in CVS 36 Files and tools in CVS
32 </resource> 37 </resource>
33 38
34 39
35<extrachapter> 40<extrachapter>
36 41
37<title>List of Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposals</title> 42<title>List of Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposals</title>
38 43
39<section> 44<section>
45<title>Implemented GLEPs (Final)</title>
46<!-- Use <glepindex status="D,d,A"/> to select on status, default is all -->
40<body> 47<body>
41<table> 48<glepindex status="F"/>
42<tr><th>Number</th><th>Status</th><th>Title</th></tr> 49</body>
43<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0001.html">1</uri></ti><ti>IA</ti><ti>GLEP Purpose and Guidelines</ti></tr> 50</section>
44<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0002.html">2</uri></ti><ti>IA</ti><ti>Sample ReStructuredText GLEP Template</ti></tr> 51
45<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0003.html">3</uri></ti><ti>Sd</ti><ti>Ebuild Maintainer Extension GLEP</ti></tr> 52<section>
46<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0004.xml">4</uri></ti><ti>SF</ti> 53<title>Accepted but not implemented GLEPs (Accepted)</title>
47 <ti><uri link="http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/management-structure.xml"> 54<body>
48 Gentoo top-level management structure proposal</uri></ti></tr> 55<glepindex status="A"/>
49<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0005.html">5</uri></ti><ti>SD</ti><ti>Metadata.xml extension</ti></tr> 56</body>
50<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0006.html">6</uri></ti><ti>SF</ti><ti>Gentoo Linux Monthly Bug Day</ti></tr> 57</section>
51<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0007.html">7</uri></ti><ti>SF</ti><ti>New Ombudsman Position</ti></tr> 58
52<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0008.html">8</uri></ti><ti>Sd</ti><ti>Adopt-a-Developer</ti></tr> 59<section>
53<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0009.html">9</uri></ti><ti>Sd</ti><ti>Gentoo Package Update System</ti></tr> 60<title>Draft GLEPs (Drafts)</title>
54<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0010.html">10</uri></ti><ti>SD</ti><ti>Internationalization of www.gentoo.org</ti></tr> 61<body>
55<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0011.html">11</uri></ti><ti>SA</ti><ti>Web Application Installation</ti></tr> 62<glepindex status="D"/>
56<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0012.html">12</uri></ti><ti>SR</ti><ti>Gentoo.org finger daemon</ti></tr> 63</body>
57<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0013.html">13</uri></ti><ti>SA</ti><ti>Providing the users with a Gentoo Handbook</ti></tr> 64</section>
58<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0014.html">14</uri></ti><ti>SA</ti><ti>Security updates based on GLSA</ti></tr> 65
59<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0015.html">15</uri></ti><ti>SA</ti><ti>Gentoo Script Repository</ti></tr> 66<section>
60<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0016.html">16</uri></ti><ti>SD</ti><ti>Gentoo Menu System</ti></tr> 67<title>Deferred, Rejected, Withdrawn, or Moribund GLEPs</title>
61<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0017.html">17</uri></ti><ti>SD</ti><ti>Resolution for Aging Ebuilds</ti></tr> 68<body>
62<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0018.html">18</uri></ti><ti>SD</ti><ti>Gentoo Bimonthly Publication</ti></tr> 69<glepindex status="d,R,W,M"/>
63<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0019.html">19</uri></ti><ti>SD</ti><ti>Gentoo Stable Portage Tree</ti></tr> 70</body>
64<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0020.html">20</uri></ti><ti>SD</ti><ti>/srv - Services Home Directory Support</ti></tr> 71</section>
65<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0021.html">21</uri></ti><ti>SD</ti><ti>User-defined package sets</ti></tr> 72
66<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0022.html">22</uri></ti><ti>SD</ti><ti>New "keyword" system to incorporate various userlands/kernels/archs</ti></tr> 73<section>
67<tr><ti><uri link="glep-0023.html">23</uri></ti><ti>SD</ti><ti>Portage handling of ACCEPT_LICENSE</ti></tr> 74<title>Notes</title>
68</table> 75<body>
69<note>Key: I = Informational, S = Standards Track, D = Draft, d = Deferred, 76<note><br/>
70A = Accepted, F = Final, R = Rejected</note> 77GLEP types: I = Informational, S = Standard
79GLEP Statuses: D = Draft, d = Deferred, A = Accepted, F = Final, R = Rejected,
80W = Withdrawn, M = Moribund
71<p> 83<p>
72 If you want to roll your own proposal, you'll want to look at the files 84If you want to roll your own proposal, you'll want to look at the files <uri
73 <uri link="http://www.gentoo.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/xml/htdocs/proj/en/glep/?cvsroot=gentoo">here</uri>. 85link="http://sources.gentoo.org/viewcvs.py/gentoo/xml/htdocs/proj/en/glep/">here</uri>.
74</p> 86</p>
75 87
76</body> 88</body>
77</section> 89</section>
78</extrachapter> 90</extrachapter>
79</project> 91</project>

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