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1 <?xml version='1.0' encoding="UTF-8"?>
2 <!DOCTYPE guide SYSTEM "/dtd/guide.dtd">
3 <guide link="/proj/en/portage/doc/manually-fixing-portage.xml">
4 <title>Manually fixing broken portage installations</title>
5 <author>
6 <mail link="genone@gentoo.org">Marius Mauch</mail>
7 </author>
9 <abstract>
10 This document attempts to help people to manually fix a broken sys-apps/portage
11 installation.
12 </abstract>
14 <license/>
16 <version>0.1</version>
17 <date>19 Feb 2006</date>
19 <chapter>
20 <title>Manually fixing portage</title>
22 <section>
23 <title>Purpose</title>
24 <body>
25 <p>This section will tell you how to manually update/fix your portage installation
26 in case you can't run <c>emerge sys-apps/portage</c>. While not hard it is still to be done
27 with great care, so please follow the listed steps exactly (but apply common sense
28 when necessary).</p>
29 </body>
30 </section>
32 <section>
33 <title>Getting a portage tarball</title>
34 <body>
35 <p>The first step to do is to get the tarball of a current portage version. In
36 the following text we will use <e>portage-2.1-r2</e> as an example (as this
37 is the current stable version at the time of this writing), please replace that
38 with a version present in the tree.</p>
39 <p>Depending on the exact reason portage doesn't work for you anymore it may still
40 be possible to use it to fetch the tarball for you, so as a first step please
41 try to run <c>emerge --fetchonly sys-apps/portage</c>, only if that doesn't work
42 you have to manually fetch the tarball with:</p>
43 <pre caption="fetching portage tarball with wget">
44 wget -P /usr/portage/distfiles http://distfiles.gentoo.org/distfiles/portage-2.1-r2.tar.bz2
45 </pre>
46 <p>After that you should have the tarball available as
47 <path>/usr/portage/distfiles/portage-2.1-r2.tar.bz2</path>.</p>
48 </body>
49 </section>
51 <section>
52 <title>Replacing the installed version</title>
53 <body>
54 <p>The next step is to unpack the tarball to a temporary location, using
55 <path>/root/portage-recover</path> as example the commands to do that are:</p>
56 <pre caption="unpacking portage tarball">
57 cd /root
58 mkdir portage-recover
59 cd portage-recover
60 tar xfj /usr/portage/distfiles/portage-2.1-r2.tar.bz2
61 </pre>
62 <p>After you have done this it's just a matter of replacing the python and bash
63 files of your existing installation with the ones from the tarball (in most cases
64 anyway). To do so please run:</p>
65 <pre caption="replacing installed files">
66 cd /root/portage-recover/portage-2.1-r2
67 cp -R pym bin /usr/lib/portage/
68 </pre>
69 <p>Now you should have a working portage install again. To ensure a consistent
70 system state however you should now run <c>emerge sys-apps/portage</c> again
71 immediately.</p>
72 <p>If you get a <c>command not found</c> error message when you try to run
73 <c>emerge</c> you have to recreate the symlink:</p>
74 <pre caption="recreating the emerge symlink">
75 ln -s ../lib/portage/bin/emerge /usr/bin/emerge
76 </pre>
77 <p>If these steps didn't work for you your problem is likely not a broken portage
78 installation but something else beyond the scope of this document. Please recheck
79 the <uri link="common-problems.xml">list of common problems</uri> and also look
80 in <uri link="http://bugs.gentoo.org">bugzilla</uri> if the problem is reported
81 there.</p>
82 </body>
83 </section>
85 </chapter>
87 </guide>

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