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1 Producing a release
2 ===================
4 Say that you want to produce a release of the 2.6.11 branch.
5 You'd first check that all the patches apply ok and that everything has been
6 committed and that your local checkout is up-to-date.
8 You can run:
9 # gpdorelease 11
11 gpdorelease will first check previous tags to discover the release number of
12 the last 2.6.11 release. If there was no previous release, it will use
13 "2.6.11-1", but if it (e.g.) found the previous release to be "2.6.11-3" then
14 it will use a new version of "2.6.11-4".
16 It will then copy the 2.6.11 branch into tags as the new version number deduced
17 above.
19 It will then generate tarballs of the branch, named with the same version tag,
20 placed into /tmp. These tarballs will then be uploaded to distfiles-local on
21 toucan.

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