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Sat Jun 23 02:21:35 2007 UTC (10 years, 11 months ago) by dsd
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website updates
1 <h2>Release 2.6.19-6</h2><p><a href="patches-2.6.19-6.htm">View entire patch list</a><br />Split-out patch tarballs: <a href="tarballs/genpatches-2.6.19-6.base.tar.bz2">base</a>, <a href="tarballs/genpatches-2.6.19-6.extras.tar.bz2">extras</a></p><h3>Changes since 2.6.19-5</h3><p><strong>Revision 827:</strong>
2 Cx88: Add support for svideo/composite input of the Terratec Cinergy 1400 DVB-T
3 (dsd)<br /><strong>Added:</strong> 4210_cx88-cinergy-1400-support.patch<br /></p><p><strong>Revision 828:</strong>
4 Fix IPv6 address obtain bug
5 (dsd)<br /><strong>Added:</strong> 2000_ipv6-all-node-mcast-group.patch<br /></p><p><strong>Revision 829:</strong>
6 Fix x86_64 NFS compilation with GCC 3.4
7 (dsd)<br /><strong>Added:</strong> 1500_x86-64-bitops-gcc34.patch<br /></p><p><strong>Revision 830:</strong>
8 Work around problem with Kyocera FS-820 initialization
9 (dsd)<br /><strong>Added:</strong> 2900_usblp-kyocera-820-workaround.patch<br /></p><p><strong>Revision 831:</strong>
10 Fix knfsd crash on sparc
11 (dsd)<br /><strong>Added:</strong> 1900_nfsd-unaligned-crash.patch<br /></p><p><strong>Revision 832:</strong>
12 2.6.19-6 release
13 (dsd)<br /></p><hr />

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