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2-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2--------------------------------------------------------------------------
3This patchset is to be the 2.6 series of gentoo-sources. 3This patchset is to be the 2.6 series of gentoo-sources.
4it is designed for cross-compatibility, fixes and stability, with performance and additional 4It is designed for cross-compatibility, fixes and stability, with performance
5features/driver support being a second. 5and additional features/driver support being a second.
6 6
7Unless otherwise stated and marked as such, this kernel should be suitable for all environments. 7Unless otherwise stated and marked as such, this kernel should be suitable for
8all environments.
8 9
9 10
10Patchset Numbering Scheme 11Patchset Numbering Scheme
11-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12--------------------------------------------------------------------------
121XXX critical fixes 13
13 1XX security 14FIXES
14 3XX arch-compat 151000-1400 linux-stable
15 9XX other 161400-1500 linux-stable queue
162XXX driver related patches 171500-1700 security
17 1XX network 181700-1800 architecture-related
18 3XX raid/storage 191800-1900 mm/scheduling/misc
19 5XX graphics/sound 201900-2000 filesystems
20 7XX motherboard 212000-2100 networking core
21 9XX other 222100-2200 storage core
223XXX performance patches 232200-2300 power management (ACPI, APM)
23 1XX cpu-task schedular & related 242300-2400 bus (USB, IEEE1394, PCI, PCMCIA, ...)
24 3XX disk/memory/swap I/O and management 252400-2500 network drivers
25 5XX graphics/sound 262500-2600 storage drivers
26 9XX other 272600-2700 input
274XXX additional features. 282700-2900 media (graphics, sound, tv)
28 1XX network 292900-3000 other
29 3XX raid/storage 303000-4000 reserved
30 5XX graphics/sound 31
31 7XX filesystem 32FEATURES
32 9XX other 334000-4100 network
335XXX experimental patches 344100-4200 storage
34 1XX network 354200-4300 graphics
35 3XX raid/storage 364300-4400 filesystem
36 5XX graphics/sound 374400-4500 other
37 7XX filesystem 38
38 9XX other
40Individual Patch Descriptions: 39Individual Patch Descriptions:
41-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 40--------------------------------------------------------------------------
42 41
43Patch: 1300_ppc64-multilib.patch 42Patch: 1000_linux-
44From: dostrow@gentoo.org 43From: http://www.kernel.org
45Desc: PPC64 makefile fix for multilib stuff 44Desc: Linux
46 45
47Patch: 1340_sparc-obp64-naming.patch 46Patch: 1001_linux-
48From: http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=linux-sparc&m=110314220200915&w=2 47From: http://www.kernel.org
49Desc: Fix OBP naming on some sparc systems 48Desc: Linux
50 49
51Patch: 1360_sparc-kconfig-depends.patch 50Patch: 1002_linux-
52From: eradicator@gentoo.org 51From: http://www.kernel.org
53Desc: Fix depends statements for some drivers 52Desc: Linux
54 53
55Patch: 1362_sparc-kconfig-fb.patch 54Patch: 1003_linux-
56From: eradicator@gentoo.org 55From: http://www.kernel.org
57Desc: SPARC Kconfig cleanups to the framebuffer Kconfig 56Desc: Linux
58 57
59Patch: 1399_sparc-U1-hme-lockup.patch 58Patch: 1004_linux-
60From: sparc patch tarball 59From: http://www.kernel.org
61Desc: Fix hme related lockup on u1s 60Desc: Linux
62 61
63Patch: 1910_kconfig-no-nls.patch 62Patch: 1900_UTC-timestamp-option.patch
64From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/99810 63From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/233307
65Desc: Fix compilation on uclinux systems 64Desc: Fix to add UTC timestamp option
66 65
67Patch: 4101_deprecate-sk98lin.patch 66Patch: 2600_evdev-compat-ioctl-force-feedback.patch
68From: dsd@gentoo.org 67From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/214700
69Desc: Add a note suggesting users try skge 68Desc: Fix evdev force feedback in 32-bit compat mode
70 69
71Patch: 4300_via-vt6410.patch 70Patch: 2900_linux-2.6.27-makefile.patch
72From: ide-dev-2.6 71From: http://www.kernel.org
73Desc: Add support for VIA VT6410 IDE into vt82xx driver 72Desc: Makefile patch
74 73
75Patch: 4305_dm-bbr.patch 74Patch: 4105_dm-bbr.patch
76From: EVMS 2.5.2 75From: EVMS 2.5.2
77Desc: Bad block relocation support for LiveCD users 76Desc: Bad block relocation support for LiveCD users
78 77
79Patch: 4320_promise-pdc2037x.patch 78Patch: 4200_fbcondecor-0.9.4.patch
80From: Jeff Garzik's libata-dev-2.6 tree
81Desc: Adds support for Promise 2037x SATA controllers which have PATA ports
83Patch: 4351_megaraid-compatibility.patch
84From: dsd@gentoo.org
85Desc: Allow both megaraid drivers to be built side-by-side
87Patch: 4500_fbsplash-0.9.2-r4.patch
88From: http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock 79From: http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock
89Desc: Bootsplash successor by Michal Januszewski 80Desc: Bootsplash successor by Michal Januszewski
90 81
91Patch: 4505_vesafb-tng-1.0-rc1-r1.patch
92From: http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock/projects/vesafb-tng/
93Desc: Updated vesafb driver for x86.
95Patch: 4705_squashfs-2.2.patch 82Patch: 4300_squashfs-3.3.patch
96From: http://squashfs.sourceforge.net/ 83From: http://squashfs.sourceforge.net/
97Desc: driver to support squashfs filesystems. 84Desc: driver to support squashfs filesystems.
98 85
99Patch: 4900_speakup-20050825.patch
100From: eradicator@gentoo.org from speakup cvs
101Desc: Provides console speech to visually-impaired users
103Patch: 4901_speakup-gameport.patch
104From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/104609
105Desc: Fix for gameport init
107Patch: 4905_alpha-sysctl-uac.patch 86Patch: 4405_alpha-sysctl-uac.patch
108From: 87From: Tavis Ormandy <taviso@gentoo.org> and http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=217323
109Desc: enable control of the unaligned access control policy from sysctl 88Desc: enable control of the unaligned access control policy from sysctl
110 89

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