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38 9XX other 38 9XX other
39 39
40Individual Patch Descriptions: 40Individual Patch Descriptions:
41-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 41--------------------------------------------------------------------------
42 42
43Patch: 1000_1_aacraid-bad-BUG_ON_fix.patch 43Patch: 1000_1_select-correct-bridge-id.patch
44From: 44From:
45Desc: aacraid bad BUG_ON fix 45Desc: BRIDGE: Fix faulty check in br_stp_recalculate_bridge_id()
46 46
47Patch: 1001_1_fix-pci-rom-mapping.patch 47Patch: 1001_1_sparc-atyfb-blade100.patch
48From: 48From:
49Desc: Fix PCI ROM mapping 49Desc: [ATYFB]: Fix onboard video on SPARC Blade 100 for 2.6.{13,14,15}
50 50
51Patch: 1002_1_fix-socket-filter-regression.patch 51Patch: 1002_1_workqueue-cpu-offline.patch
52From: 52From:
53Desc: [NET] 2.6.13 breaks libpcap (and tcpdump) 53Desc: fix workqueue oops during cpu offline
54 54
55Patch: 1003_1_ipsec-oops-fix.patch 55Patch: 1003_1_bridge-netfilter-ip-fragments.patch
56From: 56From:
57Desc: [CRYPTO] Fix boundary check in standard multi-block cipher processors 57Desc: [EBTABLES] Don't match tcp/udp source/destination port for IP fragments
58 58
59Patch: 1004_1_ipv4-fragmentation-csum-handling.patch 59Patch: 1004_1_netlink-rcv-skb-dos.patch
60From: 60From:
61Desc: [IPV4] Reassembly trim not clearing CHECKSUM_HW 61Desc: [AF_NETLINK]: Fix DoS in netlink_rcv_skb() (CVE-2006-0035)
62 62
63Patch: 1005_1_pci_assign_unassigned_resources-update.patch 63Patch: 1005_1_sys-class-net-wireless-stats.patch
64From: 64From:
65Desc: x86: pci_assign_unassigned_resources() update 65Desc: fix /sys/class/net/<if>/wireless without dev->get_wireless_stats
66 66
67Patch: 1006_1_saa7134-dvb-must-select-tda1004x.patch 67Patch: 1006_1_moxa-capability-check.patch
68From: 68From:
69Desc: Kconfig: saa7134-dvb must select tda1004x 69Desc: moxa serial: add proper capability check
70 70
71Patch: 1007_1_sendmsg-DoS.patch 71Patch: 1007_1_netfilter-pptp-crash-1.patch
72From: 72From:
73Desc: raw_sendmsg DoS (CAN-2005-2492) 73Desc: [NETFILTER]: Fix crash in ip_nat_pptp
74 74
75Patch: 1008_1_sendmsg-stackoverflow.patch 75Patch: 1008_1_netfilter-pptp-crash-2.patch
76From: 76From:
77Desc: 32bit sendmsg() flaw (CAN-2005-2490) 77Desc: [NETFILTER]: Fix another crash in ip_nat_pptp
78 78
79Patch: 1009_1_sparc-request_irq-in-RTC-fix.patch 79Patch: 1009_1_netlink-oops.patch
80From: 80From:
81Desc: [RTC] Use SA_SHIRQ in sparc specific code. 81Desc: netlink oops fix due to incorrect error code
82 82
83Patch: 1300_ppc64-multilib.patch 83Patch: 1010_1_ppc-ml300-ep405-boot.patch
84From: dostrow@gentoo.org 84From:
85Desc: PPC64 makefile fix for multilib stuff 85Desc: ppc32: Re-add embed_config.c to ml300/ep405
86 86
87Patch: 1305_ppc-rom-mapping.patch 87Patch: 1011_1_skge-memory-on-ring-changes.patch
88From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/104336 88From:
89Desc: Fix bootup on mac laptops 89Desc: skge: handle out of memory on ring changes
91Patch: 1012_1_sparc64-64k-hugetlb-depends.patch
93Desc: arch/sparc64/Kconfig: fix HUGETLB_PAGE_SIZE_64K dependencies
95Patch: 1013_1_sparc64-strace.patch
97Desc: [SPARC64]: Fix ptrace/strace
99Patch: 1014_1_sparc64-fstat64.patch
101Desc: [SPARC64]: Fix sys_fstat64() entry in 64-bit syscall table.
103Patch: 1015_1_ufs-inode-sem.patch
105Desc: UFS: inode->i_sem is not released in error path
107Patch: 1016_1_vgacon-doublescan.patch
109Desc: vgacon: fix doublescan mode
90 110
91Patch: 1340_sparc-obp64-naming.patch 111Patch: 1340_sparc-obp64-naming.patch
92From: http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=linux-sparc&m=110314220200915&w=2 112From: http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=linux-sparc&m=110314220200915&w=2
93Desc: Fix OBP naming on some sparc systems 113Desc: Fix OBP naming on some sparc systems
94 114
95Patch: 1360_sparc-kconfig-depends.patch
96From: eradicator@gentoo.org
97Desc: Fix depends statements for some drivers
99Patch: 1361_sparc-kconfig-rework.patch
100From: eradicator@gentoo.org
101Desc: SPARC Kconfig reworked to be more similar to x86 layout
103Patch: 1362_sparc-kconfig-fb.patch
104From: eradicator@gentoo.org
105Desc: SPARC Kconfig cleanups to the framebuffer Kconfig
107Patch: 1399_sparc-U1-hme-lockup.patch 115Patch: 1399_sparc-U1-hme-lockup.patch
108From: sparc patch tarball 116From: sparc patch tarball
109Desc: Fix hme related lockup on u1s 117Desc: Fix hme related lockup on u1s
110 118
111Patch: 1900_kallsyms-compression.patch 119Patch: 2300_ata-piix-suspend.patch
112From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/104393 120From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/118284
113Desc: Stop kallsyms requiring an extra pass for some configs 121Desc: Fix crash-on-resume with ata_piix driver by implementing suspend support
114 122
115Patch: 2100_forcedeth-force-linkinit.patch 123Patch: 4000_intel-ich8.patch
116From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/90069 124From: Jason Gaston @ Intel
117Desc: Fix intermittent network drop in forcedeth driver 125Desc: Support the upcoming Intel ICH8 chipset
118 126
119Patch: 2105_skge-1.0.patch 127Patch: 4100_sky2-0.12.patch
120From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/87182 and others 128From: netdev-2.6 tree
121Desc: skge tree update 129Desc: Driver for Marvell Yukon-2 ethernet adapters
122 130
123Patch: 4101_deprecate-sk98lin.patch 131Patch: 4101_deprecate-sk98lin.patch
124From: dsd@gentoo.org 132From: dsd@gentoo.org
125Desc: Add a note suggesting users try skge 133Desc: Add a note suggesting users try skge
127Patch: 4300_via-vt6410.patch
128From: ide-dev-2.6
129Desc: Add support for VIA VT6410 IDE into vt82xx driver
130 134
131Patch: 4305_dm-bbr.patch 135Patch: 4305_dm-bbr.patch
132From: EVMS 2.5.2 136From: EVMS 2.5.2
133Desc: Bad block relocation support for LiveCD users 137Desc: Bad block relocation support for LiveCD users
134 138
135Patch: 4320_promise-pdc2037x.patch 139Patch: 4320_promise-pdc2037x.patch
136From: Jeff Garzik's libata-dev-2.6 tree 140From: Jeff Garzik's libata-dev-2.6 tree
137Desc: Adds support for Promise 2037x SATA controllers which have PATA ports 141Desc: Adds support for Promise 2037x SATA controllers which have PATA ports
138 142
139Patch: 4340_sata-nv-mcp5x.patch
140From: libata-dev tree
141Desc: Support MCP5x nvidia SATA controllers
143Patch: 4355_promise-tx4200.patch
144From: dsd@gentoo.org
145Desc: Support promise TX4200 hardware
147Patch: 4351_megaraid-compatibility.patch 143Patch: 4351_megaraid-compatibility.patch
148From: dsd@gentoo.org 144From: dsd@gentoo.org
149Desc: Allow both megaraid drivers to be built side-by-side 145Desc: Allow both megaraid drivers to be built side-by-side
150 146
151Patch: 4500_fbsplash-0.9.2-r4.patch 147Patch: 4500_fbsplash-0.9.2-r5.patch
152From: http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock 148From: http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock
153Desc: Bootsplash successor by Michal Januszewski 149Desc: Bootsplash successor by Michal Januszewski
154 150
155Patch: 4505_vesafb-tng-0.9-rc7-r1.patch 151Patch: 4505_vesafb-tng-1.0-rc1-r3.patch
156From: http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock/projects/vesafb-tng/ 152From: http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock/projects/vesafb-tng/
157Desc: Updated vesafb driver for x86. 153Desc: Updated vesafb driver for x86.
158 154
159Patch: 4705_squashfs-2.2.patch 155Patch: 4705_squashfs-2.2.patch
160From: http://squashfs.sourceforge.net/ 156From: http://squashfs.sourceforge.net/
161Desc: driver to support squashfs filesystems. 157Desc: driver to support squashfs filesystems.
162 158
163Patch: 4900_speakup-20050825.patch 159Patch: 4900_speakup-20060103.patch
164From: eradicator@gentoo.org from speakup cvs 160From: dsd@gentoo.org from speakup cvs
165Desc: Provides console speech to visually-impaired users 161Desc: Provides console speech to visually-impaired users
163Patch: 4901_speakup-highlight-tracking-amd64.patch
164From: dsd@gentoo.org
165Desc: Experimental fix for speakup highlight tracking on amd64
166 166
167Patch: 4905_alpha-sysctl-uac.patch 167Patch: 4905_alpha-sysctl-uac.patch
168From: 168From:
169Desc: enable control of the unaligned access control policy from sysctl 169Desc: enable control of the unaligned access control policy from sysctl
170 170

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