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genpatches-2.6/trunk/2.6.19-pre/0000_README Revision 662 genpatches-2.6/trunk/2.6.19/0000_README Revision 724
364400-4500 other 364400-4500 other
37 37
38Individual Patch Descriptions: 38Individual Patch Descriptions:
39-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 39--------------------------------------------------------------------------
40 40
41Patch: 1705_sparc-U1-hme-lockup.patch 41Patch: 2300_ieee1394-ppc-reload.patch
42From: sparc patch tarball
43Desc: Fix hme related lockup on u1s
45Patch: 1710_alpha-ev56-kconfig.patch
46From: Fernando J. Pereda <ferdy@gentoo.org>
47Desc: Update EV56 Kconfig dependencies
49Patch: 2500_via-irq-quirk-revert.patch
50From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/138036 42From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/154851
51Desc: Revert recent VIA IRQ quirk change 43Desc: Fix ieee1394 module reload oops on PPC
52 44
53Patch: 4000_deprecate-sk98lin.patch 45Patch: 4000_deprecate-sk98lin.patch
54From: dsd@gentoo.org 46From: dsd@gentoo.org
55Desc: Add a note suggesting users try skge 47Desc: Add a note suggesting users try skge
56 48
57Patch: 4005_sky2-v1.7.patch
58From: netdev-2.6 tree
59Desc: sky2 updates and fixes
61Patch: 4010_r8169-8168.patch
62From: http://bugs.gentoo.org/148090
63Desc: Add support for RTL8168 ethernet
65Patch: 4105_dm-bbr.patch 49Patch: 4105_dm-bbr.patch
66From: EVMS 2.5.2 50From: EVMS 2.5.2
67Desc: Bad block relocation support for LiveCD users 51Desc: Bad block relocation support for LiveCD users
69Patch: 4110_promise-pdc2037x.patch
70From: Jeff Garzik's libata-dev tree
71Desc: Adds support for Promise 2037x SATA controllers which have PATA ports
72 52
73Patch: 4200_fbsplash-0.9.2-r5.patch 53Patch: 4200_fbsplash-0.9.2-r5.patch
74From: http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock 54From: http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock
75Desc: Bootsplash successor by Michal Januszewski 55Desc: Bootsplash successor by Michal Januszewski
76 56

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