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libsbutil/  416  9 years  vapier  if told to printf(%s) a NULL pointer, output "(null)" rather than crash
tests/  415  9 years  vapier  add errp()
libsandbox/  414  9 years  vapier  use SB_EERROR() rather than DBG_MSG() so we have a better chance of seeing the o…
src/  409  9 years  vapier  unify SB_E{INFO,WARN,ERROR} functions and have them call the internal sb_printf …
data/  393  9 years  vapier  use proper escape chars in PS1 so bash knows about them
scripts/  391  9 years  vapier  make sure we find/use the local xsl
etc/  347  12 years  vapier  update ignores
configure.ac  412  9 years  vapier  add tests for sb_printf()
Makefile.am  405  9 years  vapier  initial test framework
headers.h  405  9 years  vapier  initial test framework
NEWS  376  9 years  vapier  for now, read the changelog for news
localdecls.h  369  9 years  vapier  cleanup whitespace and comments -- no functional changes
ChangeLog.0  369  9 years  vapier  cleanup whitespace and comments -- no functional changes
INSTALL  364  9 years  vapier  update to latest INSTALL doc
COPYING  363  9 years  vapier  update COPYING license to latest GPL-2
README  362  9 years  vapier  also note InstallWatch as a related project
AUTHORS  361  9 years  vapier  sort list and add myself
autogen.sh  350  11 years  vapier  make svn2cl usage part of dist rather than autogen

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